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  1. With the break in the action of the tour, I enjoy this forum for thoughts, opinions, etc. I recently was looking over the 2017 San Diego litho. The one that's an homage to Victor Moscoso who had paid homage to Rick Griffin (per lithorati). Its way more colorful and upbeat by the standard of about 90% of the lithos. Maybe that is the reason, but based on pricing on ebay, etc. It must be either the least loved, or one of the least loved lithos of them all. It was done by Buhler which usually carries with it some popularity. Is it the departure from the darker, more macabre designs that make it so unloved?
  2. Gildan shirts are poor quality and not the “soft cotton” the official merch shirts are made from. Not the real deal.
  3. There is a Cincinnati at $500 (2 bids) on eBay. There is also 2018 Sweden. Don’t remember seeing it before. LOVE it! It’s a little pricey for my blood, but it’s one I hadn’t previously taken notice of
  4. More than I know what to do with, these are off the top of my head, but only count anything that is show specific: -Greg Allman (only 5 offered at the show), Drive By Truckers (signed by full band and artist-Unfortunately, this is post-Jason Isbell), Peter Frampton (signed by Frampton), Phish (two), Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Sturgill Simpson, Outlaw Music Festival, Willie Nelson (though he does basically the same one and just changes the date/location, but does limit to only 30), GNR (19 of them). I know there are more... I also have a couple of show specific promotional posters that I love, Bruce Springsteen, GnR (Halloween show 2010) I'll also buy some posters at shows where I think they are cool or if it's a show that means a lot to me (Springsteen, Paul McCartney, Roger Waters, etc) even if they are just an overall Tour Poster. If there was one show I went to that I REALLY wish had a litho, it would have been the ACDC Show that I saw with Axl. PHENOMENAL show and would have been cool to have it as a keepsake.
  5. This is really interesting... I have one of my lithos signed. Got the artist from Hatch Show Print who did the first Nashville litho to sign mine. I’ve also communicated with both Arian Buhler and Sara Ray about gettining lithos signed, but haven’t gotten them done yet. Still think it would be cool to get artists to sign. i guess because I’m in my mid-40’s, I’ve lived long enough to see autographs go out of fashion due to camera phones and Instagram. Something signed used to be THE thing to have, but it really has transitioned to posting a pic with someone. if I were you and we’re going to see 4tus, I’d get a picture and maybe a personalized signature on something that you could frame or save with the picture. i guess pictures killed the autograph star...
  6. Went to see Phish on Friday night in Atlanta. They limit only one litho per person. Sure someone could get back in line, but I really like that policy.
  7. So I’ve been in Pittsburgh this week for work and saw that Foo Fighters were playing last night. I bought a last minute stubhub ticket and went. Fantastic show! Downside: the 300 lithos for the show were gone by the time I got in. It’s a really cool design. I have really loved the GnR lithos to the point I try and get one for every show I go to that has them. Which made me wonder.... does every band that does them have die heads like those of us on this forum that constantly talk about and critique them?
  8. If you find this post boring, please just skip it, but its the story of the accumulation of the ones that I have collected (thus far). This has been fun! I don't post often, but thought I'd put out there why I have so enjoyed the lithographs and tour art. I got my first limited lithograph from a Phish show a few years ago. Since then, if a show has a limited poster/litho/artwork that I attend, I'll usually buy it. Got a couple of cool smaller show limited runs that are signed (Drive By Truckers, Gregg Allman, etc.). My overwhelming love of GnR left me extremely excited when I saw that they were doing these for the NiTL tour. My first show on the tour was Nashville. We chose the closest drivable location (5 and half hours) to be the earliest in the tour as possible (just in case, ya know, there were disagreements with the band that may change the tour). I had asked a friend of mine to get me a litho, if they did one, at the shows in Vegas. He brought me a shirt and said that they only poster was a typical poster with the dates (I have since gotten him into Lithos and we are both mad he didn't pick them up from the two shows he went to in April 2016). So back to Nashville, i glanced the merch stand and didn't see anything, then the couple in the seats next to me had one and I ran back and got in line. Litho #1! I would later have that lithograph with me on a work trip to Nashville, take it to Hatch Show Print and get the artist to sign it. Made for a cool pic on my instagram. Then I got on ebay. I should have bought the first Cincinnati one that I saw, it's still my fave, but I passed thinking $200 was too much and I'd find one cheaper. Idiot. So below are my list of lithos and how I got them: Detroit: Ebay. I love Corvettes and thought it was a cool one. Got it for like $118. As the Lithorati site points out, weird they picked a Chevy (that particular model was built in St. Louis) for the lithograph for the show at FORD Field. Atlanta: I went to the show, it was awesome again. I bought four lithos (they weren't selling well) to sell/trade for other lithos. I'm not a Walking Dead person and it's actually one of my least favorite, but I don't sell trade ones from the shows that I actually attended. So it's a keeper. Orlando: I work in Alumni Relations for Clemson University. A fellow Clemson Alum friend of mine in Orlando was going to the show. I asked him to get me litho if he could. Boom, Got it! New Orleans: Again, a friend that went to Clemson with me, and President of the New Orleans Clemson Club, is a lawyer in NO. He wasn't going, but a partner in his firm was going. I told her that I'd love one or two (for trading) and she got the last two at the merch stand she went to. Score! East Rutherford 1 and 2: Traded one of my New Orleans lithos with Uzi on this site for these two lithos. East Rutherford 1 is greatly underated unless you see it in person. Still disappointed tht East Rutherford 2 isn't numbered. Glendale: Again, friend from College and former Major League Baseball player told me his Girlfriend was going. She didn't understand the importance of a "Poster," but picked one up for me! Awesome LA1: Ebay LA2: Ebay San Diego Surfer: Ebay San Diego Sara Ray: Ebay Note: Had friends or friends of friends at Houston, Dallas, San Francisco, and LA shows and they couldnt secure a litho purchase. I think the LA shows were when folks buying them up was at its worse. WInston Salem: Was tailgating about a quarter mile from the outside merch trailer. I went down there twice and they were sold out both times, but more were coming. I really wanted to get it before the show because rain was coming in. Third time I went down there, I said look, I'll wait till the guy brings some more. They radioed him and I got it. Gave one to a friend and traded the other for a Cleveland with Mcs953 here. I was not crazy at all about the art, but have warmed to it based on them finding something locally connected. Krispy Kreme donuts was founded there, thought it may have had a connection to that! Or, with them playing at the home of the Demon Deacons, that could have been a cool tie in. Missed seeing UZi from this site who was at the show. DC 2017: I ended up with 2 from two different friends that went and got me one. It seems to be one of the less loved ones, and I'm not super crazy about it (seems something with the capital building would have been better than this) but I don't mind it. Still looking to trade one of these.....(hint hint, I wouldn't be picky, just looking for one I don't have). Cleveland: traded the other for a Cleveland with Mcs953 here. Like everyone else on here, this one is a bit of a disappointment based on how dark it is, and how it could have been so much greater with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame based there, but it added to my collection. Louisville: The head of the University of Louisville Alumni Association is a close friend of mine. I called him. He called someone with the Yum center and was able to get me one. I still think this one could have been the greatest with Churchhill Downs/Kentucky Derby, but I also believe that there could have been some licensing reasons why not (and that licensing could be the reason some of the obvious aren't used in the lithos. Troubador: Only got this in the last couple of months from ebay. I found one with a couple of creases on it and a low price and I pulled the trigger. I can't help but hope those creases came from someone rocking out at that show with less than 500 in attendance and the first show with Axl, Slash, and Duff in 20 years. It's kinda plain, but I love it for what it is! Now I need a really cool Rock and Roll room to display these, and other lithographs that I have from other bands. I also have a tour poster from 2006 (first time seeing Axl), a promotional poster for Axl/GnR when they played the show in Greenville, SC I went to on Halloween. It's actually a really killer poster and I have Frank Ferrer drumstick to go iwth it (still hoping to catch a microphone one day!). My rule of thumb on this artwork, I'll acquire GnR anything, but any other band stuff, I have to have attended the show. I will typically only buy if its a limited litho, but some posters I will purchase (Roger Waters, Springsteen, etc). Sorry for the long story, but it was fun for me going over two years of acquiring these. I always love to think that each one of the lithos was THERE at the show!
  9. I do have an Orlando. Had not planned on getting rid of (no plans to sell) but may be interested depending on what you have for trade. Message me.
  10. Question for Uzi you're illusion or anyone else who has framed their own. What was your best method for getting the lithos flat again after them being rolled up in a tube? looking to get some frames from Michaels, thinking of ordering some 22x28 Mats for 18x24 prints and doing that size frame. Probably will still do professional framing for shows I went to in order to include ticket stub. thanks for any advice! on another topic, why have the lithos become so big? So many bands are doing them now and they really are an awesome keepsake now that they aren't the old huge poster from back in the days of old that you'd never hang anywhere.
  11. I'm still looking for a Tulsa litho. Really love that broken Les Paul and the unique size. If anyone has an extra, let me know!
  12. Not crazy about Oakland, they don't need too many of them sports related, but a little MORE Raiders would have been better. definiteu some hits and misses, and as someone who has accumulated 16 of these things, I really want Tulsa and Milwaukee and I think I'm done...then they will blow is away with LA! with that said, sure would love to get a Tulsa and Milwaukee. Still have a D.C. For trade with some money to add. Please let me know!
  13. Regarding Tulsa, I thought they may have some kind of "rumble" scene from "The Outsiders"....I'm pretty sure it's based in Tulsa. but again, I do really like this litho and would love to get a copy of it.
  14. Don't care the strange shape, LOVE this litho!
  15. I'm a motorcycle/Harley Davidson guy and I've decided I'd love to get the Milwaukee litho. Got a 2017 Washington DC for trade and would throw in some cash with it.