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  1. Awesome. Add me to the list.
  2. This is getting kinda crazy. If I may play peacekeeper: Holographic Universe, “FaceFirst, I think the design you did was fantastic and I had a copy made at a Staples. It’s for my use only. I don’t have any ill intentioned use for it, but I recognize it is your art and I’m happy to pay a fair fee for use of it.” I don’t know what FaceFirst’s response would be in this case, but as we say down south, “you’ll catch a lot more flies with honey than you will with vinegar.” now, what’s been on my mind...with the artwork over the last three years, the huge surge in vinyl, and my hopes of new music, I dream of a world where we get an album with gatefold with some of the greatest album art of all time!
  3. Totally agree on Louisville. The colors are really different than any that I can think of. However, and I’m biased cause I was there with a ton of friends, but the Charlotte one was great too (I was at Louisville too, so could be biased there as well) Back to back, Charlotte and Louisville were as good as any back to back that I can think of. That’s why I was disappointed with so many of the rest of the fall tour. I know I’m in the minority, but I do still love the simple New Orleans design. Sometime plain or simple can still be great. i do think that our expectations are high, now. I used to LOVE the Chicago mobster with Tommy gun litho from 2016. Looking back on it now, I still love it, but it’s pretty simple.
  4. Cafe Du Monde is famous for its coffee (still made with chicory when coffee alone was too expensive to make in the south) and it’s beignets. As Mcs953 said, a beignet tastes kinda like an elephant ear with powdered sugar. It’s delicious and terrible for you, but it’s a French thing. cafe Du Monde has been a staple of New Orleans (and the French Quarter specifically) for Almost 150 years. check out the website, and he font is the same and the coffee (with chicory) cans are even the same color as the litho http://www.cafedumonde.com/ May seem boring to many, but I like the reference better than maybe a Saints logo or something. the 2016 New Orleans litho has some voodoo stuff, but only ideas that I think would have been above and beyond would have been a tie in with the Easy Rider movie that had important parts set in New Orleans or maybe something on Marie Lavoix (spelling?), or possibly to allude to some of the city’s great musicians (Fats Domino, Dr John, the Nevilles, etc)
  5. Yes, it extremely plain. However... It’s an homage to Cafe Du Monde and I LOVE it! Would Anyone going Be willing to snag me one? Please message me.
  6. It’s generic in the way that it’s just the skyline with the Redeemer Monster on it. If I was at the show, it would be cool to have. I was thinking that some kind of regency to The Outsiders would be cool, but just dawned on me that was set in Tulsa.
  7. Shifting gears just a bit. The guy and shop that I use for having most of my stuff framed likes to “dry mount” things that have been rolled before framing. This means the litho would be mounted on a conservation quality foam board, but it’s permanently attached to this foam board then framed. The positive of doing this way is that the litho would always be firm and flat and never become wavy. The only negative I can find is that it’s permanently attached to a foam board. for those who have had your lithos framed, any idea of this was done to yours? Which direction did you go? Thanks in advance!
  8. I’d say $75-150 for 90% of them, less than that for 5% of them, then (way) above that for the highly desired 5%.
  9. Kinda quiet the last couple of days. I thought the Austin City Limits litho was cool, but didn't get the tie-in. Get the tie-in with the flag of Wichita, but still underwhelmed by that one. Thoughts? Also, I believe that the market has cooled on these. Maybe because this tour has gone on so long and folks have gotten what they wanted, but I've seen less popular ones (Louisville 2017) selling for less than their original cost on ebay and see many of them just sitting there forever with prices above $100.
  10. Also, I met “Tony, Toe-Knee” from here at the beer line in Louisville. Great to meet you!
  11. I noticed that the ones from last night on eBay all have creases. Like mentioned previously, it was nice that Louisville had tubes, but they were too small. I actually was able to carry a tube in to Louisville by telling the gate why I had it. It’s worth trying with worse case scenario that you have to throw it away at the gate. anyone going to any of the future ones this fall, I’d love to get you to pick me up one that Is gladly pay for litho and shipping or I have a couple extra Charlotte (although one does have some creasing) that I could trade.
  12. I LOVE the lithograph from last night. Great show as always, made better by catching up with 30 or so friends pre-show. I grew up in the greater Charlotte area and was in Jr. High when the Hornets came to town back in 1988. What I love is how they tied in the Hornets basketball team, but not so direct to athletics as the Hornets moniker has a long history with the Charlotte area. In 1780, British commander, Lord Cornwallis was leading his troops in what was known as the Southern Theatre. It was a British attempt to win over loyalist in the southern states. His campaign began in Charleston, SC and headed north That is when he encountered heavy resistance from the people of Mecklenburg. During the war, British Commander Lord Cornwallis referred to Mecklenburg as “a veritable hornet’s nest of rebellion.” Since then, the “Hornets” moniker has appeared throughout Charlotte history. From 1901 to 1972 there was a minor league baseball team by the same name. Also, UNCC and Davidson play annually for the Hornets Nest trophy each basketball season.
  13. Heck yeah! Didn’t realize you were in the Charlotte area. Meeting up with a Rather large group of friends pre-Show. I’ll message you to tell you where. also going Saturday to a louder Than Life.