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  1. Not crazy about Oakland, they don't need too many of them sports related, but a little MORE Raiders would have been better. definiteu some hits and misses, and as someone who has accumulated 16 of these things, I really want Tulsa and Milwaukee and I think I'm done...then they will blow is away with LA! with that said, sure would love to get a Tulsa and Milwaukee. Still have a D.C. For trade with some money to add. Please let me know!
  2. Regarding Tulsa, I thought they may have some kind of "rumble" scene from "The Outsiders"....I'm pretty sure it's based in Tulsa. but again, I do really like this litho and would love to get a copy of it.
  3. Don't care the strange shape, LOVE this litho!
  4. I'm a motorcycle/Harley Davidson guy and I've decided I'd love to get the Milwaukee litho. Got a 2017 Washington DC for trade and would throw in some cash with it.
  5. I actually met the artist at Hatch Show Print. Went by there and got him to sign it. Basically, it was an old poster they put a skull on. Said it was from the 60's and made it sound like it was a political poster. Said they had to be careful that you not be able to see the person under the skull. I love this litho cause it was my first time seeing GnR with Slash and Duff (saw Axl's group a number of times, passed on seeing them and Metallica in '92 cause the tix were expensive to me in high school then.). Plus, them having Hatch Show Print do it is special. However, I don't think it's the coolest of lithos from this tour (still really wanting a Cinci one, my grail). The Nashville artist (Corey) told him he was quick to call his folks to say, "I made a poster for GnR!" I've got a pic of him signing, but can't seem to load it
  6. I guess they went for the Bourbon, Jack Daniels, look. Wow, just thought what might have been if Buckethead was still around with them at the KFC Yum Center! 😜
  7. I may be in the minority, but super excited to see tomorrow night's litho. While Louisville is a smaller market, they have Churchill Downs there, Louisville Slugger bats, and are the Bourbon capital of the world. Hopefully it's a creative one. Incorporating the Derby would be awesome. i think I've posted about it before, just excited for hopefully something great!
  8. Looks great! Are these custom framed or DIY?
  9. Would love to get one from tonight. Got a D.C. From a couple nights ago for trade.
  10. I had two different friends attending last night and asked both to get me one. They were both able to. Reading the above, I'm starting to think that maybe there is a very small (those that follow this forum, etc) that are so crazy about them! Or they are fibbing on the numbers, which I don't think is the case. so, based on ending up with two, I've got one for trade! I'd love to get one of the Rocky-Philly ones, but wide open for others!
  11. Has to Ben one of my all time faves!
  12. Love it! Anyone get an extra or will trade one, please let us know!
  13. You know if you ever sell that one, I'd love first dibs at it!
  14. Warpig, hate he's flooding the market, but if he has a Cincinnati for a low price, I'd buy!
  15. I actually really like this litho. I just think it's a cool one if no city was tied to it. while we all know that Axl, Slash, and Duff are the centerpieces to GnR in regards to this tour, and they had just the three of their silhouettes in the Atlanta one, but I'm not crazy about singling them out. Hell, Dizzy has been around for 25 years and Frank had been around for 10+.