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  1. Critically acclaimed bands/artists you hate

    - U2, Coldplay and Foo Fighters: I am not sure if they are still critically acclaimed. They are certainly media darlings. I think I like one or two songs of each of these bands. - Beck: I don't dislike him, but I find most of his music boring. - Arcade Fire: saw them live. Boring songs. - LCD Soundsystem: they are praised because they steal from cool bands. I hated how some media outlets tried to put their Coachella show (after a five-year hiatus ) at the same level as GNR.
  2. Recommend some good mid 90s hard rock records

    Maybe The Wildhearts.
  3. Which songs should they add/drop?

    Drop: KOHD, The Seeker, Chinese Democracy, all solos and jams. Add: Garden of Eden, Right Next Door to Hell, Dead Horse, Oh My God, So Fine, Madagascar, Down on The Farm, Hair of the Dog.
  4. Vocals: One in a Million - Oh My God - . Bass Line: YCBM - Down on the Farm. Drums: Hair of the Dog - Rocket Queen - Locomotive. Rhythm guitar: Back Off Bitch (Slash) - Nightrain (Izzy) Guitar Solo: WTTJ - TIL Riff: Estranged. Piano: NR - Street of Dreams. Keyboards: Prostitute.
  5. The MYGNRFORUM Around the World Song Challenge

    Day 5 - Scotland.
  6. The MYGNRFORUM Around the World Song Challenge

    Day 3 - Argentina: an underground gem and a classic. I hope you like it.
  7. The MYGNRFORUM Around the World Song Challenge

    Day 2 - This is the easy choice.
  8. I am not impressed by his playing technique, even though I love his contributiion to the band. I think it's his stage presence where he stands out from the rest. Maybe Paul Sominon and Kim Gordon look as cool as him onstage.
  9. I think during 1992-1997 they were uncool but still popular. They were uncool because their audience had become much bigger than just teenage kids. And what happens when a rock band once described as “rebellious” or “dangerous” becomes so popular that your mother knows about them or that the guy/girl who has no clue about music likes one of their songs? Cool kids and snob music journalists start to repel them. The notion that they “fell off the earth” came from the fact that the media and music snobs had plenty of bands and “new” genres to listen to. Besides grunge, there was Brit Pop, Shoegaze, Trip-Hop, Hip-hop, Pop-punk, Nü Metal (and all the heavy metal sub-genres that appeared at that time), Stoner, Industrial, etc. All of these underground/alternative styles and bands had much more exposure to the music media than their peers from the '80s. The really relevant and important bands from 80's that made Nirvana possible (Minutemen-Black Flag-Pixies-Husker Dü-The Replacements-Melvins-Sonic Youth, etc.) did not have that privilege when they were “at their prime”. Regarding their popularity, I can’t imagine GNR losing such a big audience from one year to another, especially if my hypothesis about their audience is correct. But I still cannot venture what would have happened if they released a record by 1996-1998. My guess is that they might have sold a lot if they released anything between Radiohead’s OK Computer and Kid A, regardless of the style or sound. I think nothing relevant happened during that time. Maybe Portishead’ second album, but not much more. In fact, most big bands released albums during that time and sold really well. So, I would not say that the band disappeared or vanished from the collective unconscious. I think Axl just did not bother confronting anymore. For some people, this helped fixing the idea that he was (and will always be) a selfish diva who never cared about his fans and that his persona was against the sign of the times. Almost as if misogyny, artistic pomposity and racism was incarnated by him and, subsequently, eradicated by Kurt Cobain. For others, he cemented his image as the last true rock and roll myth.