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  1. London for newbies

    V&A Musem!
  2. - When they played the encore from Layla at the first Vegas show. I was watchinig it through Periscope and there was one take where it seemed the three of them were playing very close to each other . It was very emotional. Then when I saw them live, they were standing in a very similar display, but they were not actually close. - I saw them live for the first time when they played in Rosario, Argentina. At one point, Slash was playing sitting in one of the monitors and all of a sudden Axl sat next to him for a few seconds. That was the moment I thought: "This is really happening". I was lucky enough to be close to the part of the stage where it happened.
  3. What's the Best Faith No More song?

    - Just a man - Naked in front of the computer - From out of nowhere - Diggin' the grave - Ashes to Ashes
  4. Best Bands of the 2010s

    Yeah, The Armed is brutal, I love that Untilted album. I don't know how I came across that band, but it was pretty recently. And for Death Grips, I don't know anything about their fan base. Would you elaborate a little more about it? Last year I visited the UK and wanted to get tickets to see them in Manchester but it was sold out. Bummer. Is there any other band I should pay attention to? Thx!
  5. Who are the most influential musicians of all-time?d

    My favourites (just focused on rock music from the 20th Century): - Velvet Underground/Lou Reed - Joy Division - Bowie - Iggy Pop - The Cure - Kraftwerk - Neu! - Beatles - Stones - Stone Roses - The Smiths - My Bloody Valentine - Radiohead
  6. Best Bands of the 2010s

    - DIIV: - Wolf Alice - Death Grips - The Armed: - Savages:
  7. Top ten Radiohead songs.

    They might change: - Idioteque!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Let Down - Just - Pop Is Dead - There There - Thinking About You - Electioneering - Street Spirit (Fade Out) - Lucky - Planet Telex
  8. Let's play '30 Day Music Challenge'

    Day 25:
  9. Favorite guitar players

    And I forgot about Mick Ronson...and many more!
  10. Favorite guitar players

    Slash, Jonny Greenwood, Robin, Bucket, Johnny Marr, Tom Verlaine, Lee Renaldo, Johnny Ramone, Daniel Ash.