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  1. Do this but put the acoustic set between the Slash solo and SCOM. And force Axl to sit down for the acoustic set so he can gather himself.
  2. I love SMKC, sometimes even more than Guns (it's a complicated relationship). Myles' voice is incredibly pleasing to me. His lyrics can feel a bit recycled (I've heard "dark to light" like 700 times) but he works hard and takes care of himself. As for a new Guns album, I'll see you guys in 2055 when Axl, Beta, and Fernando all pass away in a car crash on their way to the Guns N' Burgers restuarant opening, thus releasing the vault from one set of greasy fingers to the money hungry tendrils of the label that will sell everything Axl had as 'W. Axl Roses's final masterpiece'
  3. Nothing makes my Tuesday like checking in on the mygnr forum after a few weeks to see the musical progression from 'absolutely nothing' to 'fuck all'
  4. I have questions that need answers!

    Looks like the forum has discovered the sixth stage of grief; mania
  5. it's ridiculous, they just skip over 14 years of Guns history and squish it into one box. Didn't even MENTION the CD album.
  6. NITL live videos on youtube

    The Guns insta page put up a snippet of KOHD, if you guys aren't sick to death of it. Mix is alright imo.
  7. The original script for Groundhog Day had him stuck in that loop for around 10,000 years, so please don't make that comparison.
  8. NITL live videos on youtube

    I have a hard enough time dreaming about new music, I don't need more wet dreams thanks.
  9. Madagascar Samples

    The forum has a thread for that Found at Home/Main Guns N' Roses/The Archives/GNR FAQ/Frequently Asked Questions
  10. Live Era 87-93

    I'm like 99.98% sure that it's Duff on Live Era. The timbre of Finck's vocals just isn't the same as drunk Duff.
  11. NITL live videos on youtube

    I haven't laughed that hard in weeks, thank you
  12. The Gear Thread

    Save up and get one of them new fangled Mockingbirds! I've heard nothing but good things so far.
  13. 'Cause it's been 14 years of silence, it's been 14 years of pain, it's been 14 years that are gone forever and I'll never have again'
  14. New Youtube Uploads?

    Have, uh, any of y'all searched YouTube for guns n roses live and sorted by most recent? Cause that looks like someone's listening to me.
  15. What do people think are actually the chances of GnR releasing something? I want to hear from the optimists and the pessimists; I fell into this rabbit hole of GnR'dom in 2017 after going to see them and I know there are people here who know this band infinitely better than I ever will.