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  1. I'm really starting to think that the reason we have to wait for the Alts is because the band is waiting on the animation studio to hurry up and do the background vid
  2. Live Era '16 - '20

    'What the fuck is that' 'Do you have a suggestion?'
  3. Live Era '16 - '20

    It's fun to dream
  4. Live Era '16 - '20

    Madagascar, Locomotive, Shadow, Slither. I personally have a 'live version' addiction. I have about 7 different versions of WTTJ saved on my phone, cause I love the minor differences between them all. But hey, that's just me.
  5. Live Era '16 - '20

    Live Era '00 - '20 would be fucking IMMENSE! They'd have to boxset that.
  6. 10/18/19 - Guadalajara, MX - Estadio Jalisco

    MyGnR from 2014 would slap us all for complaining about this setlist
  7. Live Era '16 - '20

    I think that your suggestion would be better suited to a Blu-ray release rather than a live album. Live Era is all about what was achieved over time You can't say the WL word around here!
  8. Live Era '16 - '20

    Rest of the world might feel a little bit left out. Also, Locomotive would be gone and a few others I imagine.
  9. Live Era '16 - '20

    I'd also prefer it if they spliced in Frank's drumming from this year.
  10. Live Era '16 - '20

    This would be nice to have, at least to tide us over till the new album releases in 2032. How would that list look to you location wise? I'm anticipating a lot of Cincinnati and Houston entries
  11. I'll see if I can scrap something together after exams but I don't actually have any of the instrumentals or know them, I've just sorta heard they're around. EDIT: found what I needed, I think I'll try work with Prom Violence.
  12. 10/15/19 - Lincoln, NE - Pinnacle Bank Arena

    Is it DC or Patience this time around?
  13. 10/15/19 - Lincoln, NE - Pinnacle Bank Arena

    That was a long scream, I think we might be in for a pretty good show.
  14. 10/15/19 - Lincoln, NE - Pinnacle Bank Arena

    Did he hit the higher 'EAZAY'? Might have to pay attention to this show.
  15. 10/15/19 - Lincoln, NE - Pinnacle Bank Arena

    Let me guess, they've opened with This I Love with Axl doing the remix vocals!