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  1. Old story involving Izzy

    IIRC, this is regarding the rehearsals in Chicago in '89
  2. Of course they did. They also gave Axl ~$13 million and unlimited time to complete it knowing full well Slash wasn't gonna be on it. But the Best Buy deal/Dr. Pepper thing and the leak certainlyl forced them to release it. Too much publicity and the ability to break even on what they thought was impossible? They'll do that every time...sorry Best Buy! It's funny seeing people try to defend Axl by saying it's the record label's fault CD got delayed when we literally just got pictures of numerous CD's with "ambiance" and "db levels" for songs in the year 2000 that otherwise probably sound exactly the same as the one's we got in 2008.
  3. Spinal Tap, circa 2019 Exactly. They either didn't care about Steven (or figured he wouldn't be able to play the full tour/setlist) and Izzy already confirmed they didn't want to pay him a fair share.
  4. I was actually thinking more of Slash in that post due to his then impending divorce, though Axl was definitely looking for a payday. I believe Axl even mentioned it was the Coachella invite that got the whole thing rolling, and it was likely because they got offered like $7 mil for each show.
  5. This reunion wouldn't even be happening if it wasn't for a lack of cash. Money solves a lot of problems (like 20+ years of anger between bandmates, for example), as Team Brazil just employed...
  6. I doubt Axl is worth more than one hundred million dollars, though he's probably not struggling for money anymore these days. This is a guy who couldn't even pay Pittman $125k cira 2011/12 (and wrote him a promissory note), toured in 2006 to continue to fund CD and sold 20 years of publishing rights to Sanctuary back in 2005. But yes, I agree he should continue to release the (probably 50+) completed songs he has in a vault, or in this case, Tom Zutat's locker. He won't, however, because he doesn't have the same fire he did when he said he wanted to bury Appetite, and also because there's no reason for him to do so unless he gets forced to. He claimed a large part of the delay for CD was getting the right promotional strategy going, then didn't do any actual promo once it was released. Tbh I'm fairly certain we wouldn't have gotten CD if it wasn't for Dr. Pepper/Kaneda essentially forcing his hand.
  7. Eh, you shouldn't be too down about it. At least they put on a good (and long show) and don't mail it in on the road. Just ridiculous that there's been 1 studio album released in 25 years featuring 1 original member even though all of them are still alive. Plus they think offering some horseshit boxset for $1,000 is fine but god forbid you film one of their performances and put it on youtube for free.
  8. And why would he? If people keep coming to these shows he's going to do the same shit for the next 20+ years as well. Touring and merch pay the big money, particularly reunion tours. Releasing new music has no benefits for any of them anymore. Nobody buys music, streaming doesn't pay shit, and it won't be as good as it would've when they were in their 30's.
  9. "On the horizon" So when one of them dies/gets divorced (again)? Otherwise we ain't getting shit
  10. Remember when CD-era material was described as Physical Graffiti remixed by Beck and Trent Reznor? Listening to that old leak of The General and Atlas Shrugged you can really hear it. I wonder if those were some of the tracks that the writer got to listen to?
  11. And yet he put it on his 14 years in the making comeback CD
  12. Well that's a good sign. As a former leaker myself (hope you guys enjoyed the IED of the 2006 Download Fest + November Rain remixes back in 2006 ), I know there's a lot of negotiation going on behind the scenes. Unfortunately there's a lot of pressure from rando's, so hopefully no one who knows this person's username is sending him/her a bunch of PM's asking for it. All those people end up doing is impeding the progress of getting it out to the masses.
  13. 26 years ago today- the end

    "According to Axl" doesn't really hold a lot of ground to me. Say what you want about the sobriety level of Slash and Duff during those times but Axl's mind was in a different solar system and he likes to remember things so that they suit him, particularly during his rants in 2002. In the early 1994 Rockline interview Axl (during a coherent moment!) mentioned they were looking towards a Spring 1996 release, so clearly the outline was already there for a new release 2 years in advance. At some point during those years Izzy was suppose to return to writing and not touring with the band, so it's possible if they could've stayed as a collective unit instead of venturing out towards solo careers (and Axl not having writer's block/being sued constantly), then things might've worked out for the rest of the millennium. I stand by my theory that they could've been a new-age Rolling Stones. They were the biggest band of their era, in some regards, and while they didn't end up having the longevity in regards to time together (or albums released), they do in regards to literally everything else, such as per album record sales, highest grossing tour, etc. It's still a shame they couldn't get their ego's and whatever other bullshit out of the way until they got old and their target audience became aged with them and felt nostalgia for the "old days". Unfortunately GnR knows this and is trying to milk it by doing the same thing the Stones do (endless touring), minus the setlist changes or releasing of literally any new music.
  14. We're talking about Guns N' Roses in the 21st century, so most probably bullshit, unfortunately. Back then each time, iirc, both of the threads were started by people who had the songs but were wondering how to upload them. This was a thread about an already leaked song that somehow turned into a discussion about possible unreleased songs. I personally have no idea if it's legit or not. Obviously I wish it were, but I haven't read through the entire thread and this community has been hoaxed before like this.
  15. This reminds me of April Fools Day 2005 or Feb 2006 when those leaks happened. Honestly, this is more exciting than the ongoing (probably) 5 year NITL tour that's happening.
  16. 26 years ago today- the end

    How would we know? They released 3 and a half albums worth of (original) material in 4 years, with about 2 and a half of it being what I would call pretty fucking great. The Stones didn't hit their "Golden Age" until their 7th album with Beggars Banquet, imo. Who knows what would've happened if they stayed together? Axl was pretty up on musical trends in the early 90's. If they would've worked their shit out who knows how it could've gone? At least the Stones waited until they were in their 40's to go through a breakup.
  17. 26 years ago today- the end

    It's sad to think that they really could've been the American version of the Stones - even when the Stones broke up in the mid-80's (already in their 40's and out of their prime), it only lasted a year or two. The fact that we'll be going on 28 years since we've gotten an original GnR song with Axl and Slash is a travesty. Then again the history of GnR is full of wasted opportunities, unfortunately.
  18. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    "We haven't started working on the new record yet because we added some dates in the fall, but I promise we'll be going to the studio after this mini-tour! Axl has some great material ready to go!" ...or some variation of that quote will be said this fall. #endlesstouring
  19. lol at people thinking there'd be new music played on a mini festival tour. It's a cash grab, folks. "They" haven't released new material in more than a decade. Slash and Duff are the "new" lead guitarist/Tommy constantly talking about new material that never materializes. Such is life. There's no money to be made in record sales anymore, so overblown, long nostalgic tours it is.
  20. I'd assume Fallon is one of those people that you'd need to be on the sauce to tolerate him. I appreciate his appreciation (a weird thing to say, btw) for GnR but I can't stand him in general. Those fake laughs are some of the worst sounds I've ever heard on live tv
  21. I feel this is true because at several 2006 gigs (including the Vegas one's I attended), Axl relayed the same story Sauce
  22. Totally agree. I don't care if GnR was one of my favorite bands - if I couldn't ask a question or two about the singular thing you're widely known for, then what the fuck is the point? I get avoiding certain subjects if they don't wish to talk about it, but I'd refuse to do the interview if I couldn't ask about GnR at all. Paul McCartney hasn't been in the Beatles for 50 years now and he still talks about them in every interview (willingly). Imagine how stupid it would be for him to avoid the thing people most want to know about... Edit: between that and the whole "pulling everything from youtube", constant touring without an album, etc....this band is starting to become a joke again, unfortunately.
  23. If we're having bitching sessions about who's playing ACL this year, how about the author of the article put their crosshairs on Cardi B, who recently admitted to drugging and robbing several of her clients when she was a stripper? Is that not worse than singing some trash lyrics on a song from 30+ years ago?
  24. Apparently the rest of the script hasn't even been finished yet. What a shitshow these new Bonds have become (on set)
  25. Sorry for the late reply but I believe he's admitted he cleaned up some parts with a re-record.