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  1. Oh shit, I saw the Bond twitter account post this but didn't realize it was IO making it. Hitman 2016 was awesome. Probably the best game in the series (Blood Money will always have my heart, however)
  2. What happened after gig 130?! Did Axl bang Slash's gf or something?! OMG OMG OMG
  3. I agree, but like I said...Sean Connery or Timothy Dalton or Daniel Craig couldn't save that line in TWINE...or Denise Richards being in a horribly misacted role). Regarding George - I 100% agree. Considering the circumstances, that must honestly be one of the hardest gigs in the history of the modern world to step into with little to no experience. Yet, he gave a performance that made you believe there was something more there. That is nothing to mention of the fact that the entire series could've changed based on his decision to not return. That book you recommended is beyond amazi
  4. True, but that's not necessarily either of their faults. You can only do what the script has written. And obviously not having his voice dubbed would've probably helped the perception of Lazenby.
  5. Something something the delays on No Time To Die literally killed Sean Connery rabble rabble
  6. That's normal for bands, btw. They generally tour in cycles and downsize as it goes on, particularly if it's a multi-year tour. GnR went from touring stadiums in '92 as a co-headliner to playing arenas solo in '93. They did the same thing in 2016 (stadiums as the headliner) to arenas in 2017 (using the US as an example for both).
  7. Why release the music video for the title song if you're delaying it 6 months again? That makes no sense whatsoever
  8. Man I'm gonna be boring here by posting this same thing I just did above: same. I don't mind wearing it if I need to go indoors anywhere but it's only for a bit and the second I get outside I take it off. Like you said, sitting through an entire movie with a mask is gonna be difficult.
  9. Same. I'm excited to see this, however. Might actually do the mask thing for the new Bond movie, but I can't help myself there
  10. Hmm, other than the fact that there's a lot of footage we haven't seen the one thing I noticed is Locomotive was played more often (and earlier) in '91 than was reported.
  11. I wonder if his tweeting style is how he texts too? That would drive me fucking nuts
  12. I bought the pre-order for PC (with all that extra shit) assuming I'd get a new desktop to actually play it...nope! Still haven't bought one
  13. The "this has nothing to do with Michael Jackson" thing is regarding the name of the award, which was renamed the "Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award" like the year before. I don't think it's personal about MJ, I just think it was what he represented as an artist, as he said in the 2000 RS article when talking about Slash. PS - Space Ghost (and MJ) are awesome so I have no idea what Axl was talking about Edit: here's a little clip of MJ mentioning GnR winning the award the year prior:
  14. I doubt Gilby is living off the royalties of Cure Me or Kill Me...or Pawnshop Guitars in general. Maybe it was a critical hit, but it definitely wasn't a commercial one. Again, outside of festivals they played theater dates. The album debuted (and peaked) at #70 and only had 1 single.
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