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  1. I wish someone would sit down with him for a few hours and get him to comment on every song in the GnR catalogue, ala John Lennon a few times after the Beatles split (and most famously a few weeks before he was killed). His opinions are mostly the same in the separate interviews but he's way more hostile towards Paul in the earlier ones. I bet if someone asked Axl 20 years ago and now it would've been the same with Slash.
  2. Yeah...he's the only person I felt bad about after leaking it. Definitely went against my word to get it out to people
  3. Seriously. I remember the only time engaging in any type of "exclusive" stuff was when I was 15 (literally half my life ago at this point) and getting the IEM from the Download festival in 2006 in a trade. You know what I did immediately after I got it? I leaked it. I got some written tongue lashings from people behind the scenes after that. I told them to fuck off then and still don't regret it. There was, and likely still is, a ton of ego with the traders in this community. The band certainly doesn't help it the way they act either.
  4. Oh yeah, I remember that video but I forgot about the Beta wife thing lol
  5. I remember every other thing mentioned in this thread but I can't remember this. Story?
  6. Me too. It's interesting to me that they almost rebooted with Dalton (no wonder they call him the original Craig) and set it in 1972. Parts of the other 2 possible movies got merged into Brosnan films, mostly Tomorrow Never Dies, apparently.
  7. I think the reason they're so adamant on a theater release is because one of the distributors (MGM? idek who makes it anymore) has a big stake in theater chains so they also likely have deals in place that basically forces them to do it. Or at least that's what I hope the case is, otherwise there's no reason for them to not sell the rights to a streaming service. If it actually comes out this time it'll be 23 months after the initial release date...the fucking theme song will have been out for a year and a half by then!
  8. The Chinese Democracy of movies is shockingly delayed yet again: October 8th now
  9. EVs and SPACs in general are going to go through the roof this year, imo.
  10. Oh shit, I saw the Bond twitter account post this but didn't realize it was IO making it. Hitman 2016 was awesome. Probably the best game in the series (Blood Money will always have my heart, however)
  11. What happened after gig 130?! Did Axl bang Slash's gf or something?! OMG OMG OMG
  12. I agree, but like I said...Sean Connery or Timothy Dalton or Daniel Craig couldn't save that line in TWINE...or Denise Richards being in a horribly misacted role). Regarding George - I 100% agree. Considering the circumstances, that must honestly be one of the hardest gigs in the history of the modern world to step into with little to no experience. Yet, he gave a performance that made you believe there was something more there. That is nothing to mention of the fact that the entire series could've changed based on his decision to not return. That book you recommended is beyond amazi
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