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  1. Genius move to play a song about child abuse in front of a bunch of people and assume they'd be totally into it. Chess, not checkers folks!
  2. Stripsearch (maybe because it's one of my favorite FNM songs?) was the first thing I thought of
  3. These are definitely real, imo. Possible demo versions, though? At least I hope because they don't sound mixed or mastered
  4. Hello all! Jimmy Iovine here! Yes, I've been stalking you all for almost 20 years incognito. Just to answer some questions - no, Atlas Shrugged is not going to be released in November. Axl said the energy waves percolating from Sedona, Arizona have been giving off some seriously bad vibes. Then he mentioned something about the ghost of Yoda? Anyway you little shits have pissed us off at the label for far too long. You think you're getting a perfectly mixed version of the masterpiece called "The General"?! Fuck no, you're getting the 20 minute remix with the AIM noises playing every few seconds like we did when CD was leaked. You want a new album? I want a full head of hair! We can't always get what we want... @Bad_Apples91les91 - tell Jason to get back to work. These feet aren't gonna rub themselves now are they?
  5. Indeed, if I'm thinking of the same boxset that is being discussed. One was released in 2004-ish (in the middle of a certain trial) and another was released almost 20 years later during a massive (cash-grab) reunion tour. Also definitely off topic but MJ's stingy ass estate has released more albums since he died than GnR has in the last 14 years...
  6. Thank god they banned lead paint soon afterwards. You can tell it messed with his thought process...
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