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  1. Ugh! SOAD is terrible..I couldn't make it through the 2nd song..Let me know when it's over...
  2. Did SOAD already play? Or are they after Evanecsense?
  3. Don't worry, there will be plenty of videos on here and YouTube the day after, as well as HD rips of the show. Also, apparently Axl is in Rio now and is thinner with no beard/mustache. Excitement +1! I missed it...Where'd you see that? Even if it's bullshit, just curious..
  4. Who knows man..negotiating marketing, lawsuits, bumble having to record his parts are my guesses..fact is, nobody knows..Didnt Axl's appearance on this last tour seem kind of aloof to you though? Like he didn't really care too much? My guess is because he knew going in that nothing was on the immediate horizon..Now if he comes out at RIR looking/sounding in top form, then there's something to be excited about!
  5. RIR's gonna be a big clue as to what plans are from here..What I mean is that if Axl shows up in shape, lean and mean, after this layoff, I would think that big things are in store shortly after. I still believe that back in '06 when Axl reinvented his appearance with the shorter braids, trendier clothes, slim muscular build, etc that the plan was to get the album out and take over the world again..what happened from there till CD came out though is anyone guess..
  6. Best BBA post I've ever read!Agree 100%
  7. It's happening man! Skynet opened a twitter account last night..Done deal..
  8. Last night at 8:11pm skynet became self aware..just wanted to say goodbye before judgement day..Massive invasion tomorrow!
  9. I'd gladly contribute if needed, but I'm not made of money, so please let us know if our donations are still needed ...I've still got a wife and two kids to feed..Glad the forum's stickin around either way though! Send me a pm and let me know...
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