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  1. I don’t recall many rare photos. I was pretty disappointed in the book. im assuming your have Marc Canters Reckless Road book... that’s king of gnr photos
  2. People need to stop worrying about Frank’s drumming and worrying about Axl’s singing. No matter how good or bad Frank plays, it means nothing if Axl is singing like crap
  3. I find it kind of hard to believe that the band doesn’t know what fans want without asking us. If they don’t know, that’s sad
  4. If you are a die hard fan, you probably won’t learn stuff you didn’t already know in this first podcast. That said, I enjoyed it and it gave me hope for future podcasts. It was approximately 24 minutes long. Worth a listen.
  5. I’m laughing at what some here are suggesting be included in the box set. You guys do remember who we’re talking about here, right? Lol Here’s the reality of what we will get: UYI “remastered” (it’ll sound 99% like the original albums) Blu-Ray dvd of the Tokyo 1992 show (that we all already have on dvd) a disc of “unreleased demos” (aka, demos we all have had since 1991) and lastly, they will promote and release a new video for the “brand new “ song, “Ain’t Goin Down” Don’t forget, you’ll get plenty of stickers, badges, probably a children’s book sigh...
  6. Did the band even listen to this before releasing it? Axl sounds awful, this is just bad.
  7. Just watched So Fine. Super disappointed Axl didn’t even bother to sing. It was Duff only on vocals. Just disappointed...
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