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  1. Same old song and dance with these losers… come here and act like they have a holy grail and disappear. These people must have really boring lives lol
  2. Thank you, this makes sense. I was listening to the show the other night and it was driving me crazy thinking I had the audio tracks out of order. But, when looking at all set list you can google, none ever showed KOHD before Paradise and thus the confusion
  3. But at the end of paradise, Slash gets on the mic and says “they are going to do heavens doors again because the crowd wasn’t loud enough the first time.
  4. Everywhere you look, the set list for the June 28, 1987 Marquee show, have Knocking on Heavens Door played twice after Paradise City. But when you listen to the bootlegs, at the end of Paradise City, Slash says “we’re going to play Knocking On Heaven’s Door again because you weren’t loud enough” so what’s the correct set list? Obviously Knocking had to be played before Paradise
  5. Lol I called it… another person claiming to have stuff they don’t and then disappearing
  6. I wish we knew Axl’s inspiration for writing the lyrics to Hard Skool
  7. This makes me think no more new songs for quiet a while and definitely not an album for a while
  8. I’m just as happy as everyone else for new music. But gnr played this perfectly… don’t release new music in forever so that when you do, sub-par songs will excite fans. The reality is Hardskool isn’t better than any song on AFD, Lies, UYI (except My Wold)… even the cover songs on Spaghetti are better listens. This is, sadly, a generic rock song. I expect better from this band
  9. I’m not knocking you, just us fans have seen others come on before claiming they had this and nothing shows up. i, like others here, would love to see that footage and hope to see it soon cheers!
  10. Hate to be a pessimist, but this is not the first time someone claimed to have video footage of the Marquee only to never deliver. This was your first post which I find odd as well. I’ll believe it when I see it. Hopefully I’m wrong but I’m very skeptical that after 34 years you decide to join this gnr group, make 1 post, then disappear for hours later.
  11. I wouldn’t assume some of those instrumentals aren’t in a vault with vocals. Remember, most of those were from 1999/2000. Axl was in the studio at least around 2006 I believe. I’m not hopeful that there is anything out there but you never know
  12. Must be taken down because I can’t find it on YouTube Must be taken down because I can’t find it on YouTube
  13. I don’t recall many rare photos. I was pretty disappointed in the book. im assuming your have Marc Canters Reckless Road book... that’s king of gnr photos
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