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  1. I agree a GN'R show is great value for money and whilst there are the instrumental breaks Axl's still on stage a lot of the time. A couple of weeks ago I saw Robert Plant, the whole set was under 90 minutes and for three songs it was Patty Griffin doing a solo set which really killed the flow. For my money, the only act that outdoes GN'R is Springsteen as the guy does a three hour show but without any long instrumentals so its back to back songs.

  2. He seems like a very nice guy but he does a terrible job at imitating Axl. I just hope they never go on tour covering only Guns songs with a singer like this, it's a fucking catastrophee.

    That being said, I don't really see who could have done a decent job at covering Axl tonight, so... Axl should have come.

    See, that's just the thing! He's too nice to sing Guns songs. :D

    I've seen him live with Slash and when they played Rocket Queen all I could think about was, "Dude, this is like a sex/stripper song! Where is the sleaze?!"

    He is a VERY good singer but he's not meant for Guns songs imo.

    Agree 100%, guy is a great singer (his voice at Download 2010 was insanely good) but yeah, he lacks the swagger/attitude needed for those songs. That's more a criticism of his live performance than his voice though. Personally, I don't think the guys will ever find a better frontman than Axl and Scott. Not the most stable of people but the best damn performers in rock n' roll in my opinion. If anything that's what Myles' performances prove to me - he may have an insanely better range than Weiland but I'd rather have a worse voice and a better show than the other way around. Having said that Myles is the only potential VR singer that I like, Corey Taylor and the other people that have been mooted aren't as good in my opinion.

  3. I'd see the lineup that played last night in a heartbeat if they were to tour. As for who should use the name there are valid arguments for both bands using the name. The thing is though, the name Velvet Revolver seemed to work just fine for the guys last time but Myles alas it seems isn't going to be fronting them any time soon. In terms of an extended 'reunion' I think VR is the closest that we're going to get. Axl doesn't want to play with Slash so you need another singer, Izzy doesn't like the limelight so you need another rhythm guitarist and Adler's too much of a risk so you go with Matt. Although, it seems there's no real drive for Slash, Matt and Duff to work together again. I think if there was Slash wouldn't have started his solo thing.

  4. Axl almost certainly should have been given complete control of this event, he IS Guns N' Roses and forever will be.

    It's an extremely complicated situation. To be totally fair, regarding the conditions that the Hall of Fame recquire to be inducted, the new band didn't match. However, if Myles sings tonight, I agree it's even more ridiculous than if the new band had played, because he has absolutely no relation to Guns N' Roses other than touring with Slash and singing on two of his albums.

    The truth here is, in this situation, you can only do some damage control. Slash, Duff and the rest will be regarded as heroes by the mainstream audience, and Axl and Izzy (and Dizzy that apparently no one cares about -I do-) will be regarded as selfish assholes by this same mainstream audience. Others will say Slash & co are sellouts and Axl & Izzy are true rock n' rollers.

    Generally, I take Axl's side, but on this event, I think his reaction was stupid given the fact that he makes his money out of old songs mainly, there is very little Chinese Democracy in the setlist and there have been no new songs since the 2009 asian tour. So it's a little easy to say "I've moved on" on this one, to me he has clearly not, I'm waiting for him to prove me the contrary and bring on some real new stuff and make us forget about the past.

    This night was a good occasion to put differences aside and play for the fans like Pink Floyd did in 2005 (you could clearly see Roger Waters had less problems with a reunion than David Guilmore had, but nonetheless they still played a 5 or 6 songs-set!) and make it a party. Life is short, the universe is infinite, some people are working on the possibility of building a time machine and use it as a loop so say, if the machine is built in 2015, people from 2050 will be able to come back to 2015 -but not further back in time-. People die everyday, so I say it's stupid for musicians, people who have the ability to spread good vibes and a message of hope, to act like fucking dickheads like Axl is doing (although I'm one of the hardcorest supporters of Axl here).

    So even though I'm not for Myles going on live with the others, for once, I think they are doing something important in playing together. It proves that no matter how fucked up and close to death they have been, they're still standing in 2012 and spreading good vibes to the world. I say fuck the negativity and just play for fuck sake.

    I think it's my worst post ever, I'm terribly tired and my english sucks ass.

    Great post. Especially agree with the part I bolded.

  5. This kind of makes no sense to me...

    Guns N' Roses are still touring and are active, although the formation is different, it's still GN'R. This event is to Acknowledge GN'R, and all the achievements of the band...

    I may be the minority here, but I think that Axl and current GN'R should have been given the upper hand in relation to what happened at this event. It makes total sense to me, rather than having ex members cover GN'R songs, with a sub-par vocalist.

    Apparently that's why Axl is not attending because his wishes about the show, wasn't going to be met. Axl almost certainly should have been given complete control of this event, he IS Guns N' Roses and forever will be.

    The event shouldn't be as good as, given to a former guitarist who CHOSE to leave GN'R in 97, as if GN'R cease to exist without him.

    They're being rewarded for their achievements with AFD,Liesand UYI. Therefore no there is no need for the current lineup to be present. Anything else is crazy. Ashba hasn't written anything, Bumblefoot and Fortus efforts on CD were minimal.

    Did Metallica get inducted based on line-ups on certain albums?

    Nope because it's a completely different scenario. 3/4 of the classic Metallica lineup are still in the band plus Jason was there as were Cliff's family. It's not like Kirk and Lars quit and James formed a new band with the same name like with GN'R. At the end of the day if Axl had put out new music constantly since 2002 and kept a stable, identifiable lineup I have no doubt that GN'R post 'split' (or rather people dropping off) would be represented. Alas, that's not the case. Plus, inducting current members would be problematic. Whilst Bumble, Frank and Fortus played on the album their contributions were minimal as the record was already done pretty much. Ashba hasn't been on a single GN'R release. Two of the people who really helped to define the sound of CD - Finck and Bucket are no longer in the band. Brain isn't either. I'm pretty sure Dizzy was included in the induction so that a current member of GN'R bar Axl would be represented.

  6. Myles will sing. Myles does as good a job singing Axl's songs as anyone else. No one sings them better than Axl! Axl finally made it public he was not attending even though it had been known for sometime that he would not. Once he made it public the remaining "classic" members could move forward with organizing a performance. Anyone that thought the remaining "classic" members would just roll over and let an absent member control their fate apparantly does not know them very well at all.

    As I said before, Axl probebly made it easier for them to put together a performance by confirming that he wan't coming. IF Axl was to turn up, then we might not have a performance of GnR songs by Duff, Slash, Steven and/or Matt.

    Yeah, which is why it amazes me he's been portrayed as the villain for not showing up. He knew all the others wanted to play so you can't blame the guy for not wanting to socialise and play with people who he's not on the best terms with.

  7. Without Axl and Izzy a performance is pointless.

    Pretty sure a lot of people will enjoy it, myself included, so it's not pointless.


    When the induction was announced I kind of figured we'd probably get VR (plus Steven) with Myles on vocals. Which I'm actually pretty damn excited about. People on here amaze me - so Axl can go out and play the classics with whoever he wants but 3/5 of the original band can't?

  8. A really good letter. I like that he comes off as honestly conflicted. One douchey point: congratulates the other artists, but not the members of GNR who are accepting their induction. Not a big deal, but a little bit of a rib to those guys. Can't shake the feeling that Steven running his mouth ruined a good thing here.

    Had the Rock Hall acknowledged the players on Chinese Democracy, he might have considered going.

    The future of GNR still has Duff and Izzy in mind. It's entirely possible they could work on new music with the current lineup, but will have to be up to them more than Axl. But the way Axl does things, won't be such a big deal. But I guarantee if they do, people would take it as "a return to AFD" and prob. fly off the shelves.

    Steven's going to be blamed for Axl being a no-show, but Axl made his mind up on this long ago. It was kind of unexpected to hear the news today, but I know no one here's surprised.

    Personally I think that Dizzy's inclusion was just that. If he wasn't currently in the band and left in say the mid 90s I doubt he would have been inducted. Not diminishing the guy's contribution but in some ways I think his inclusion was an acknowledgement of the current lineup in some way.

  9. This depresses me:

    12 years Chinese Democracy Tour

    1 Album in 20 years

    The guy even declines HF induction to evade meetin' with ex-mates

    Nobody expects a new album from GNR to this point. Just touring with 50 years ODD Mickey Mouse ... Is there any future for this guy/band?

    Your favourite RnR band is supposed to be something funny to spend time on. This is as funny as shooting yourself.

    Whilst I try and remain positive, this is something I often wonder. I mean DJs written some stuff but I wonder if we'll see in album within say five years. In my opinion they still put on a kickass show so I'd keep on seeing them if they carry on touring like they're doing. But I do wonder if we'll see any new music in say five or ten years.

  10. Not surprised really, when it was announced I guessed it would be Slash, Duff, Matt and Steven who showed up. I hoped Axl would and as he can be unpredictable y'never know. He's got his reasons for steering clear and it's cool he gave a public explanation.

    Re the new bands lack of inclusion, it basically comes down to the fact that for various reasons (rightly or wrongly) it seems the majority of people don't see the new band as "Guns N' Roses" and the fact post key members leaving there wasn't a huge output of material to help cement a new lineup. I'm still interested in seeing how the induction plays out and whether whoever shows up perform or not.

  11. No - I highly doubt Billy Joe Armstrong could pull off a Slash solo. I guess they could do an acoustic song like Patience but all in all, I'd rather they didn't. When Floyd were inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame there was no performance I imagine because Roger Waters wasn't there in person. I'd rather a performance by the majority of the 'classic' lineup or none at all. Or hell the current lineup with Duff, Steven and Matt would be enough for me. (As I imagine Axl and Slash on stage would be a no no and Izzy supposedly isn't showing)

  12. Bumle confirmed : No new songs in Europe.



    That just says that they don't have any prepared. They could pull some out for rehearsals.

    Doubtful, I know, but it is a possibility.

    I doubt a new album will be out soon so no surprise really re no new songs, I guess if DJ has a ton of songs done after this tour Axl'll have to decide whether to put out a completely new record, release the CD era stuff or combine the two. Would however be awesome if they do a new song randomly.

    Personally I'll be happy if I hear Estranged and/or Civil War at Hellfest.

  13. The way I see it Guns are in the same ballpark as Led Zep. Everybody else are a few galaxies below them. And anyone who believes that a certain elevator music band mentioned above is better than GNR should be baned from this forum for life

    Guns had the potential to be in the same category as Led Zep. Or Aerosmith, Stones, U2 and that level.

    Unfortunately, they have only released one album in the last 20 years. And their back catalog - while amazing - isn't quite large enough to put them at the top of the rock band list. Close to the top - but not at the top.

    But, I think Axl still has it in him to put out 3-4 more masterpieces. At that point, a who is better - gnr-vs-ledzep debate could take place.

    And, the forum would be a very boring place if they banned people for life for not having the same music likes/dislikes that you do. I don't know why it is so hard for people to enjoy and accept all kinds of music. I suppose it makes one more "rock n roll" or "bad ass" to put down other bands? :shrugs:

    Personally I see GN'R as the Zeppelin of the '80s/'90s - a phenomenally huge hard rock band reeking havoc across the globe with a bluesy Les Paul playing guitarist. I see them as equals really, don't see one as better/worse than the other. But then you could say Zeppelin were as they were one of the groups that invented that style of music.

    Re the induction I was hoping for one of the guys from Zeppelin or the Stones or indeed Elton John as Axl inducted him.

  14. Can't wait for this record, think I'll prefer it to the last record as the albums with multiple singers/guests can be a bit hit and miss. Find Myles a bit of a bland frontman live but it's all about Slash's playing anyway. Hoping I'll get to see him and Myles a fourth time this year, depends on my exam timetable. Now Sonisphere's cancelled if my exams are over by then my head to Download.

  15. And there's me thinking that the Sonisphere letdown was good for the prospects of a UK arena tour. Was expecting London dates to be announced soon.

    Same, depending on the date. If by some miracle they play Cardiff I'll be over the moon.

  16. Voice deterioration is normal - it's happened to so many singers, look at videos of Robert Plant singing the Led Zep stuff during the Page/Plant tours when he was Axl's age and then at the O2 show a few years back a lot of the songs were detuned.

    In fact I'm surprised Axl hasn't lowered the pitch for some of the songs - kudos to the guy for not doing so but if it would help his voice maybe he should. You also have to remember Axl isn't a classical trained singer (can't think of many rock singers that are) so his voice is bound to get weaker over the years.

    Also, the shows are three hours long - it's a long haul. Paul Rodgers is probably one rock singer whose voice has remained intact but he does really short shows. Even when I saw him fronting Queen a few years back, whilst it was a longer set, Brian May and Roger Taylor did lead vocals on a fair few songs so he wasn't using his voice all the time.

    Plus all singers have off nights - even the best; look at Mercury and Plant; even in their heyday they couldn't be great all the time.

  17. Yeah,but Fredie died before 20+ years,so this Queen can be opening act for Gnr.Queen was big band,but 2012 Queen didn't have many fans

    Well they managed to sell out Hyde Park in 2005 when I saw them. Granted they had Paul Rodgers when I saw them but I didn't really know who he was back then other than the guy that sang 'All Right Now.' After that show I did become a huge fan of Free and Bad Company though :)

    I reckon they could headline a festival easily whoever was fronting them.

  18. 428232_378970592114491_129278130417073_1565093_636998170_n.jpg

    Fake...In 2012 is imposibile for Queen to be in front of Guns n Roses,maybe in 70-es but now-not.

    Well it's a three day festival so they'd all be headlining so it's not exactly as though GN'R are behind them so to speak. Plus, I guess Queen would be bigger news in a way as it's been a few years since they've done a full show and they're also announcing a new singer.

    oh no not adam lambert

    Yeah, I'm a bit undecided about that seeing how great Paul Rodgers was but if both GN'R and Queen are at the festival I'll definitely go. I'm sure it will at least be a passable show with Lambert and great for a festival as everyone knows Queen songs.

  19. 428232_378970592114491_129278130417073_1565093_636998170_n.jpg

    Fake...In 2012 is imposibile for Queen to be in front of Guns n Roses,maybe in 70-es but now-not.

    Well it's a three day festival so they'd all be headlining so it's not exactly as though GN'R are behind them so to speak. Plus, I guess Queen would be bigger news in a way as it's been a few years since they've done a full show and they're also announcing a new singer.

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