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  1. Steven Adler's set. Should be good. Also maybe a return for him on the new tour? He's back in rehab sobering up.
  2. When did this thread start? Still no sign of an album coming anytime soon.
  3. Maybe Team Brazil want to travel the world. They're at every concert living the 5 star lifestyle.
  4. I don't really think Axl has much of a plan. I mean what exactly was his plan for Chinese Democracy? After so many years I really thought there would be something epic, but the CD cover didn't even look very professional. There were some good songs on there but nothing really so different or interesting. They definitely have enough stuff knocking around to make a really solid album, but I don't think Axl really cares. Even Angus Young said that Axl was involved with a lot of stuff 'but I dont know if you can say it was music.' That to me means that Axl is perhaps more focused on the tours or m
  5. It sounds like you have very rich parents if you can afford to stay on the same floor as Axl. Nothing wrong with being rich of course. Did you get any photos of this encounter?
  6. Never knew about 'Ain't Goin Down' such a cool little song. Classic GNR sound!
  7. Man, people are getting desperate on here. News is now someone had a dream about Duff and people are asking for fake links 🙄🤷‍♂️
  8. There's already an album worth of material out there on YouTube. I've downloaded all of the leaks and made my own album ))
  9. To be fair all the leaks are out there to listen to. Most of them are good quality. Axl obviously thought that they weren't good enough to release. They wouldn't really benefit from putting new stuff out there as people love Appetite. They can make a fortune from touring. I don't think they will ever release another record tbh.
  10. I saw them twice in 1993 and it was really amazing. It was them out there as a unit against the world. I saw them again on the nitl tour in Madrid. It was still awesome to see them, but nowhere near as exciting. Something has gone. I don't know what's missing, but I wouldn't be interested in seeing them again live unless it was VIP maybe.
  11. The thing is there are lots of demos lying around like 'crash diet' and 'atlas shrugged' that they could finish off in a few months. Then maybe make one new song together and release that as an album. It would be a great album and everyone would be happy.
  12. Dizzy Reed says 'Dizzy here!' during the game. Surely that's worth any price.
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