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  1. Great guitar work. One of their best songs so far.
  2. I'm good - just thinking about the fact the Slash's album isn't out until February. Why not release it now as he says it's all done? Maybe there is gonna be a Guns release before then and he doesn't want to clash.
  3. Do you think they will release an album before the EP? The EP has already been announced and it's not being released until next year. The album may still be a long way off. Also, why release two songs on an EP that are going to be on the album?
  4. In that case I doubt very much they're going to release an album before the EP.
  5. Is there any news on the EP? Is it going to be released or not?
  6. There is an EP slated for release in February 2022 as far as I know. After that???? Maybe the album in 2023.
  7. I thought it sounded good live, not amazing. For the first time, good. Bear in mind it's cell phone footage. He says something at the end of the song - anyone catch it?
  8. I know it's a bit left field, but isn't colombus Ohio the place where the school shooting happened? It might not be the best taste to debut a song called Hard Skool.
  9. How are you guys listening to it? It hasn't been released in the UK yet.
  10. I think because so many people are expecting it now he won't do it.
  11. Now that Axl is feeling better and he doesn't have food poisoning - is tonight Hard Skool? Happy days all round. Fonzie was a hard character and he went to school. Is this a sign?
  12. Beta has just announced on her Instagram story that Use your Illusions 1 and 2 were announced 30 years ago today. Could part 3 be released tonight???
  13. Can anyone post this HardSkool soundcheck video here? The one on Tiktok is silent. There's no sound with the video.
  14. Dizzy Reed comes of as a bit of a scummy guy as well. Just Google 'Dizzy Reed and Roxana Shirazi.'
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