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  1. 532 people waiting to watch. Will be interesting to see what numbers it pulls in once it starts.
  2. At least Kat admits she photographs the band these days. A number of years ago I spent weeks arranging an interview with her for the forum via the then publicist. I sent a small number of fairly tame and flattering questions about her work and her work with GNR - things like 'what is the favourite photo you've taken of Axl and why?' Every question mentioning GNR or Axl was vetoed and rejected despite knowing it was for a Guns fan forum. I have no idea why? It ended up being a complete non interview with zero mention of Guns and just a brief mention of The Dead Daises.
  3. I hadn't really thought of it like that. I could perhaps see the being the case prior to the reunion but not after - it was one of the top grossing tours and really put them back in the spotlight. Then again we don't know exactly how the filter of info from management to Axl works - do they only present to him what they think he might be interested in? I have to assume though if he wanted to do stuff he mostly would. For example had he put himself forward for that artist streaming event a couple of weeks back I doubt the organisers would have said no even if he's wasn't on their rada
  4. I'm guessing eventually high streets won't really exist as they have done for the latter half of the 20th Century. It was already headed that way before the pandemic. I think town and city centres will start being redeveloped to provide more living accommodation and green space making them more family friendly. We might see more of the middle class living in cities rather than just the very rich and the very poor. It won't be an immediate thing but I think the virus has pushed things forward in terms of many businesses home working and perhaps realising they don't to rent office space an
  5. Is that any better now? I changed some of your settings.
  6. Jesus to a Child is one of the only songs that makes me teary if I listen to it. There's just something about it that's really from the soul. He did incredibly well for a singer that started out quite 'boyband'. He really grew as an artist.
  7. Great nostalgia trip. Something like this from GNR would be great - I'd stump up some charity cash for sure.
  8. I've hidden a couple of posts in here. Just a general reminder we don't generally allow content from or discussion of banned members here. Thanks
  9. I'm locking this for a while. I thought we might be able to stay on topic but perhaps all has been said that can be about the shirt. It will get reopened in due course or if something else merch related happens.
  10. I didn't delete it because I objected to the commentary. As I laid out above I was drawing a line under posts that were purely political following my post asking for the thread to remain more on topic.
  11. It's okay. I just don't want the thread to devolve into pages of purely political argument. Whilst some enjoy that others get pissed off and avoid the thread. I'd rather not have to lock it.
  12. Just a reminder that this is the Merch thread. Please take extended Trump discussion to the Politics thread. And yes I know it makes the line blurred when Axl brings Trump into everything but we want D&N threads to stay mostly on topic. Thanks.
  13. You just couldn't have 80's or 90's GNR in a universe where Twitter existed. Every last one of them would have been 'cancelled' before they even begun. Someone in the GNR Women's thread did a load of young GNR on social media photoshops a few years back that were pretty funny.
  14. I think it was The Offspring -Smash and Radiohead- Ok Computer. I'm struggling to remember a 3rd, it might have been Cypress Hill. I know when my first student loan came through I bought a CD player and a bunch of CDs and those are the ones I can remember. Prior to that I was existing with cassettes and a Sony Walkman.
  15. I don't remember that. It is odd.
  16. We used to have an allotment. It's a lot of work. Fairly sure I still have some allotment gardening books knocking about. If you get one PM me and if I can find them I'll send them to you.
  17. I think it's just easy now in an era where anyone can make merch. If I want I could have a site at Redbubble or countless others, knock something up in photoshop and only what sells ever gets printed. I assume GNR have a similar arrangement on a larger scale for LTD ed and seasonal stuff. Or if they don't they should - no-one wants boxes of the stuff lying around for years.
  18. That's pretty funny. I get a load of Tory ones after Boris had that election gimmick of email me what you think. In hindsight I should have used a throwaway.
  19. Slash is selling his own merch for covid related charities. He doesn't want the competition.
  20. Why? Did you once secretly buy some MAGA pants to titillate the missus? It's okay you can admit it, you're amongst friends here.
  21. I guess to capitalise on the attention it got. It's backfired mostly because like yourself many people didn't understand the reference - probably because less people follower twitter or news items than you might think. Also the charitable proceeds were either an after thought or they screwed up the original listing which initially made it look like profiteering from a pandemic (even if that wasn't the intention).
  22. It's a reference to Trump, the 45th president. The whole shirt is based around Trumps visit to a mask factory last week where LALD was playing in the background.
  23. Thanks for all the time and energy you've put in the forum Russ. I am kind of gutted but I know this is important to you. I'm glad I found you as friend even if it's just in the virtual sense.
  24. In case anyone is interested Slash has been selling bandanas for a while with all proceeds to musicares.org
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