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  1. We had an electric car until recently (UK). Had one for about 4 years on lease - so new model each year. The battery life improved massively in that time. We have a charging pod fitted to the front of the house, obviously only doable if you have a driveway. We both loved it and I really miss it. We didn't renew the lease this time because of home working, there isn't much justification for a second car and our larger petrol one is owned and paid off. They still seem very expensive to buy as a regular customer. In our case a business lease made it feasible. Unless you have the very to
  2. Sorry, name changing is a perk of being a Club Member. If you did decide to become a member you'd need to PM a staff member to change it.
  3. Not quite there yet in the UK but Happy New Year anyway. The new one has to be better, right?
  4. If Axl wanted top notch management with years of experience he'd hire it. IMO the reason he doesn't is because he'd be expected to do things he doesn't want to do on someone else's timescale. I suspect he's able to overlook the management shortcomings of TB because there is not much unwanted pressure exerted on him. I do kind of get why on a personal level but it sucks for a lot of fans who would prefer more conventional band output at this point. Ironically though the lack of convention is why most Axl fans became Axl fans in the first place.
  5. I hope you're wrong but sadly this is an entirely feasible outcome going by past behaviours.
  6. I wouldn't buy him the X Series but ended up getting him a pre owned Xbox One X (still fairly expensive!).
  7. The boy wasn't impressed. CyberPunk is being returned when the shops open. He wants the cash instead.
  8. Happy Christmas to everyone who celebrates it. Hope you all manage to have a good one despite everything else this year.
  9. To echo others I'm very underwhelmed. Hence why it's taken 4 days for me to even reply to this topic. I can maintain a level of interest when they're touring but 2020 has shown us that's all there is to them. We might end up getting a much speculated album at some point, which will interest most people here, but like CD will again have missed the window for a bigger impact. They should have come up with something within the first 3 years of the reunion tour.
  10. @Oldest Goat I've got the receipt so if he looks unimpressed when he gets it I'll return it and get him something different or some Xbox credits. I'm not 100% it's his sort of game even if it was working well. His favourite is Halo followed by Assassins Creed. I'm not sure what else he already has though. I just knew he didn't have this one because it's newly out. I ended up buying him an Xbox One X which he won't be expecting so I'm sure it will sweeten the blow if CP2077 isn't his thing. It's a refurb from CEX (they were offering 24 months warranty on all 2nd hand) because you can'
  11. Did Jan's suggestion work last time?
  12. The former unfortunately. He wanted the newest console but they are a) super pricy and b) sold out everywhere.
  13. I bought my son this for xmas. Sounds like he's going to hate it. He probably already hates me because I decided the new Xbox console was too expensive and he'd have to save up for it over the next few months.
  14. Okay. I've figured it out finally and changed it for you. Hope that's fine for you now.
  15. We used to be able to change ranks. I did mine at some point. I've had a look and I can't work out how to change it back at the moment. Technically if you want the standard ranking you are on LEGEND (10,000+ content) I'll discuss with the rest of the team and get back to you.
  16. My husband told me yesterday that the Green Cross Code man had died. After a couple of minutes going on about his 70s childhood he finally got to mentioning he was also Darth Vader. Talk about burying the lede.
  17. That's quite amusing. I'm sure they had fun (which is in short supply this year). The intro version of Slash was quite a good mimic of Slash's guitar posture. I say embrace it as the only new GNR related content you'll see this year.
  18. Great find @Blackstar I'm also bemused how it passed seemingly everyone by. Could it have been uploaded at a much later date than the actual interview?
  19. November 24th, 2021 Perth, AU Optus Stadium
  20. November 21st, 2021 Dunedin, NZ Forsyth Barr Stadium
  21. November 19th, 2021 Wellington, NZ Sky Stadium
  22. November 16th, 2021 Brisbane, AU Suncorp Stadium
  23. November 14th, 2021 Sydney, AU ANZ Stadium
  24. November 11th, 2021 Melbourne, AU Melbourne Cricket Ground
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