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  1. Reagan ignored the AIDs crisis for a long time. Not sure he belongs on that list.
  2. I'm surprised he hasn't done this before to be honest. Seems like a standard thing celebrities in any field would do. Is 'Slash' trademarked? It seems like it would/should be. I did notice the other day that Wiki describes Axl as a record producer - not sure how long it's been like that. Mind you it also describes him as an 'activist' which I assume is based on his occasional cryptic tweets and rants!
  3. Let's keep all tour discussion in the Updates thread.
  4. Okay I'll lock it for now. If a new video drops someone PM a mod to reopen.
  5. Yes it has rather! Okay folks, lets get back on topic which is YT videos and not concert sales. If we can't do this then we'll lock the thread until new videos appear. Also please post only in English.
  6. I'm going to end this thread now before it descends into a general critique of sexual orientation. Hopefully the OP has her answers!
  7. November Rain I don't know if overrated is the right word. I can see why it's the most popular along with SCOM and WTTJ I just personally don't like it all that much.
  8. I found this old topic from Canter Banter (2012) about a fall out with Axl. I don't know for sure how it all went down but this is what might have happened. Robert was trying to stay loyal to Axl by not working with some bands that Axl didn't want him to work with. There came a time where Robert couldn't pay the bills anymore and there was no New GNR photos that were going out to magazines. They had a falling out over it and Axl made Robert an offer for all his GNR stuff. For some reason Robert never got paid and filed a suit for it. I think GNR management didn't pay Robert and it got ug
  9. Thanks, my bad. I knew it was one of them. I'm not good with remembering who did what. No idea. First I heard was this thread.
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_John_(photographer) I think it was RJ who took that infamous 'last photo' from 93. The one with Slash backed against a wall and Axl in a robe.
  11. It wouldn't play for me. Seems to be a regional issue rather that it being taken down. I'm surprised one of the band doesn't buy it for 100k just to own the stuff. Probably not Axl - can't imagine him wanting to pay someone he fell out with (I think they fell out?) 100k is pocket change to bring it back under GNR ownership. Maybe it's all duplicate of what they already have? Not that the fans would know because they rarely officially release older footage!
  12. But neither does it make sense to tell a hot girl you have designs on that you have an older wife, especially as (if true) the info is not in the public domain.
  13. It's the cousin selling the story rather than the woman in the alleged relationship I think. The 'producer' might be Andre whatshisface rather than Beta. Wasn't he known as Axl's party 'fixer'?
  14. It's a bit of a weird story. I can see it being true to some extent but I also feel that Axl's general lifestyle is probably a bit 'girl in every port'. I suspect there might be dozens of women he has a vague fondness for that can provide company as and when. I can definitely see Beta or whoever being overzealous or protective but I could also see Axl using them as a proxy to freeze out someone he was tired of. Nice to get some new photos and video footage though.
  15. I'm going to lock this before it turns into another US politics by stealth thread. I don't think there's actually much to discuss here other than 'people like popular music'.
  16. I've reanimated the Axl Political thread we had and pinned it. The recent posts discussing his latest tweets have been moved there. As Axl will likely make more political tweets between now and November I ask that we use the other thread and keep this for more general band stuff. Thanks
  17. I've moved all political posts and discussion from the Social Media thread into this one. As it's likely Axl will make quite a few between now and November can we please put them in here and keep the SM thread for more general band stuff. Thanks
  18. I've sent you a PM
  19. Great photos. Nice to discover some unseen ones.
  20. Locking this because I don't think it's going to be a productive thread.
  21. As you know I tend to lean more the other way on the MJ stuff. I didn't know there was a new documentary though. I will go watch it in the interest of balance so thanks for the heads up.
  22. Thank you @Blackstar you are a mine of information. Much better explanation than mine.
  23. I think it might have been brought up in the Axl Chats http://www.mygnrforum.com/forum/190-axl-rose-chats-amp-open-letters/ There's also this thread where it's discussed with Marc Canter Several years back I think someone paid for a copy of the legal documentation thus disproving that the signing took place whilst the band were on tour as was previously claimed by Slash (and maybe Duff). Now this doesn't discount completely the notion that threats were levied against going on stage but the whole we had to sign over the name there and then before Axl would perform appear not to
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