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  1. Yes.. Should of and could have been so much better but 2016 was still good for it was. I got to see three shows. I personally didn't think the actual performance for the Vegas show was great but I went absolutely bolistic for the entire show and it was still a great time. The Foxboro show I saw was the best actual show... Amazing show and a great memeorable day.. The 2017 show in Boston was a noticable decline and underwhelming....
  2. That is a pretty sick setlist.. I saw 3 reunion shows and that would be 7 songs I hadn't seen them play yet. Slither, You're Crazy, Hard School, Pretty Tied Up, Shadow, Dead Horse, and Think About You.. Pretty awesome if you ask me.. I am in teh miniroty that think they do good with the setlists anyway. I see (or did) tons of live shows and Guns switch it up more than the majority of bands out there whether people belive it or not. Most of their peers go out and play the EXACT same setlist for entire tours. Then maybe only change a couple songs the next time they go out. The last time I sa
  3. I also think they should hang it up... The reunion was cool for a minute but it was so half assed.. This lineup is just weak.. Fortus, Frank and Melissa just give it a stale vibe.. If Axl was awesome it would be easier to get over the Karaoke band vibe but he isn't.. He sounds like crap and looks like crap. I haven't been a fan of the dude since about 2001 so I am not sure why expected anything better. Wishful thinking I suppose.. He was "good enough" to make it work in 2016 but not anymore. Maybe if the band was better it would be easier to get by his shortcomings.. Get any combination of
  4. I think it was cool because I was there. I just watched the minte clip. Axl sounded ok.. Never liked the way Fortus plays ithis song. It is what it is, the band just looks and sounds like a karaoke band these days...
  5. I had a brief positive thought about these selects and why they for the most part suck. Maybe they are reviewing footage for a Blu Ray/Streaming release and are releasing these for the fans but are saving the best pefformances for a release.. Decent thought anyway, but this modern day Gn'R so I doubt it..
  6. There has never been a band that I was more passionate about. Probably because of my age when they hit it big. I think I was 13 when they started to break and I rode the wave all the way through highschool and adulthood. I followed every move the members made in their solo careers... especially Slash.. I followed Axl until 2001/2002 then he just turned me off.. Still there was nothing I wasn't more in rock than a reunion.. I literally had dreams about it... Now I have reached a point where I have never been so uninterested. I almost wish the reunion didn't happen, It all could have and
  7. People should stay out of his personal life.. But he makes his money as a public entertainer/musician/performer. A lot of money.. Criticism applied to any of that is part of the deal..
  8. Even the songs in a range that he is totally capable of he doesn't perform that great... sucks
  9. Sorry if this was posted.. Slash being interviwed today in the pinball machine warehouse... I skipped through it but at one point he said that Covid has been a really creative period and he has done a lot of writing and recording.. He didn't say for who... I really don't care at this point..
  10. Yeah man, I was pleasantly surprised with the fan youtube vids when they palyed it. I thought it was pretty good for this lineup with the potential to get even better with practice.. On the vocal effects, they definately didn't get it right! lol What the hell was that? They made him sound worse lol.. Who the hell is mixing this shit??? Just pump up the crowd noise or something...
  11. What in the fuck was that?? Seriosuly.. That effect on Axl's voice was terrible. There was no way he used that duirng the actual show.. We all watched the fan recordings and didn't hear that shit.. Jesus.. Then Fortus is twice as loud as fucking Slash,.. This is such a Slash guitar song, I hardly want to hear Fortus at all nevermind that much louder than Slash. He doesn't capture the groove anyway.. Locomotive is an amazing song. It is cool that played it and chose to release it but atleast make it sound good. I don't even care if they doctor the shit up with overdubs at this point.. Th
  12. This band is just embarassing..... Literally just about everything about it... WTF happened????
  13. I love it.. Get a decent system and a good sounding pressing of an album and it really doesn't sound any better.. Sometimes I will take an edible grab a beer and just sit there listening to a whole album front to back the way it was intended. No skipping through songs. Plus you get the packaging which is something bands used to put a lot of thought into. I got an original copy of LIES a few months ago and it sounded killer!! It was literally a rush listening to it. How old are you. Just curious if you grew up in the digital era.
  14. He was the fuckinhg man. I ythink he was untouchable 87, 88, 89.. Just a cool mother fucker.. The Late Show performance, Free Fallin with Petty, Jungle at the VMA's.. A Collection of all their television appearances from back then would be pretty cool..
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