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  1. Wasn't a fan of that Yesterday's.. To me that is one of the songs that this lineup just can't get right... The solo wasn't very good and neither was Axl.. People say he sounds good there? It sounds like Mickey to me.. I know it shouldn't matter but the chair videos kind of turn me off too. Axl looks like Humpty Dumpty with his big belly sitting on top of his skinny little legs.. Props to him and the band making it work but I don't care to see it. I would rather see him walking around trying to command the stage.
  2. I have had a feeling that they have already completed the album are just doing a very good job keeping it under wraps... Why they are waiting for to release it? That is anyone's guess.
  3. Maybe not the greatest quality but better than any other video I think I have seen from 86. I would kill to see a full clip of that Jumpin Jack Flash performance \m/
  4. Man, I listened to some of this in the car today and it sounded pretty awesome.. Axl sounded as good as he is gonna get.. And we would be lucky to hear him sound like that again but I doubt it. Listening without the video did make things like the fast tempo and Franks unfortunate drumming more apparent but when Axl sounds good, it more than compensates for that.. When he isn't good, the whole thing is pretty abysmal.. And as for someone who has only heard the studio version of Sorry once or twice, I think Slash sounds great on it. That is one of the few CD songs I don't mind.. I am not s
  5. Also love how Slash doesn't even glance at the neck of his guitar during the whole solo.. Legend....
  6. I am glad they did, because the last versions were absolute garbage.. These ones are actually ones I would and have already shared with people.. Watching again right now for the third time.. I just wish there were more shots of the crowd and stuff but maybe they are saving that for a DVD. With no tours, this would be a perfect time for a DVD/Blu Ray/Stream...
  7. This select was actually shareable!!! We could actually piece together something cool now.. It's So Easy, Jungle, Rocket Queen, Used To Love Her Nightrain from this show... Throw in Witchita Lineman, DoubleTalkin Jive and Out Ta Get Me too.... Now that they have re-released a few songs now I hope they drop the "Out Ta Get Me/My Michelle" from the Cincinnati with a good mix.. That would be a boner jam!!
  8. That low register rasp is atrocious.. To me anyway... He sounds good here...
  9. So true.... I knew there was a reason I kept checking in.. Still wish we could see more crowd but this was a very solid performance so far! On Used To Love Her Now.. Wasn't expecting that.. They should remove the previous select versions of these songs from the internet immediately..
  10. All true but if they showed the energy of the corwds it would out it over the top.. That was a huge part of teh 2016 shows
  11. Why aren't they showing the insane Brazilian crowd????
  12. Except that that was Axl 5 years ago.... Big difference Can we watch this from the beginning somehow?
  13. Just turned it on for 30 seconds of a CD song I didn't recognize and a snippet of No Quarter but Axl sounded good. Rocket Queen now.. Axl sounds pretty good so far... 2016 was it....
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