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  1. It isn't when it was written.. It is all the mashed up tracks recorded by different lineups in different decades.. Especially tracks lifted from NuGnR demos
  2. I think he quality of the song also has a lot to do with it.. Plus the fact that it wasn't really a new song.. 20 year old vocals and all that.. People can say only the die hards on forums know that but I know plenty Guns fans in "real life" that just don't care for that reason.. Others didn't even give it a chance after Absurd.. I even know people that still don't care about the band because Izzy isn't there.. I have a friend from work that hasn't cared about the reunion at all but is a big SMKC fan believe it or not. I hear people here always say that the general public doesn't care about any of that stuff but it just isn't true.. This was just a half assed throw away track with no album behind it and many people just don't care.. That said I do have one friend that likes it a lot.. He is also the only person I have ever talked to in "real life" that likes most of CD..
  3. It is sad how it was all pissed away.. The reunion was at least 10 years too late.. Even so, they should have capitalized in 2016 when Axl could have still layed down some amazing vocals in the studio. Then again, I don't think Slash and Duff would have been confident/comfortable enough in Franks playing to do that then.. But I do wish the band had stayed together and stuck to their roots for a couple more albums to elevate their legacy with the all time greats..
  4. Awesome.. Wasn't a fan of Living the Dream at all but hoping for a big rebound here!
  5. It is an absolute sin that they band doesn't release ant footage from the classic era to remind everyone how awesome they really were. I don't often actually listen to Gn'R much any more but I love watching live stuff. I would buy every bit of classic material released and watch it over and over and over again.. Some kick ass UYI footage as well as anything they could dig up from the 87/88 tour.. That to me is GnR at their best... The Ritz, Felt Forum, Melbourne, Perkin Palace, the Late Show, AMA show, Jungle at the MTV awards, Middletown.. It is all money...
  6. That could be awesome if he just used his deep voice for the whole song.. That would sound great though, so he most likely wouldn't. Chances are he would Mickey up the chorus..
  7. I always thought Dirty Little Thing had a Gn'R vibe... Would love to see them attempt it.. But also afraid of Mickey during the chorus..
  8. CD was Axl's vision but not the bands.. That is all good for people that are solely Axl fans but Guns n' Roses were huge and many were fans of the band not just Axl.. I don't understand people that would be happy with Axl releasing a new album with a new lineup every 15 years... Axl isn't evolving. He isn't releasing anything. It isn't like they have been releasing Appetite For Destruction sounding albums every two years for the last three decades and everyone is burnt out on it.. Would it really be that bad for them to release another kick ass heavy rock album 30 years later? They don't have to carbon copy the old music to do that. Guns N' Roses weren't a progressive band.. They were a bad ass rock band. They were the best at what they did.. They are 60 years old, have been back together 6 years and haven't put out an album.. Chances are if they do, it will be the last one.. I would rather see the majority of people like and respect the album.. All those fans that came back out for these tours.. This isn't the time to try and reinvent the wheel..
  9. Same except I can't say I like it a lot.. It is ok and better than Absurd and CD but also turned off on how it was put together.. Feels pretty cheap.. Not good enough for me to buy or something I would play.
  10. That is what happens when you are forced to piece together a song they way they did..
  11. Anastasia was awesome but I can't say I liked any of the last efforts by all 3 of those guys.. I have followed everything Slash has done since he left Gn'R but I didn't think Living the Dream was very good at all. .. As bad as I thought Living the Dream and CD were they sound like masterpieces compared to Tenderness though. I had tickets to see Duff on that tour and dumped them as soon as I heard it... Together I would hope they could produce better music than that but who knows..
  12. I listened to it a few times the weekend it came out.. I give it a 5/10 I guess.. It wasn't bad and miles above Absurd. I just don't care about tweaking CD demos and calling it new music.. Especially after being back together for almost 6 years...
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