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  1. I doubt it.. I am sure there will be a ton of interest but Axl will probably look and sound terrible.. It is unfortunate because it will be posted everywhere...
  2. to be fair who knows how many the flu would kill without the flu shot out there. There have been recent years when it killed 50,000 people. Now that the Covid vaccine is out it isn't killing 600k a year. At Covid's current death rate with the vaccine, the yearly deaths are projected to be 110,000. Which sucks but 95% of those will be the unvaccinated.
  3. I think a ZZ Top cover could be cool as long as they don't do it the whole tour.. But knowing Gn'R they will almost certainly pick La Grange or some other overplayed predicatble song.. I can see Slash jamming that in his solo spot which I wouldn't mind.. As for unvaccinated being not being respectful to others.. If the others are vaccinated they should have to worry about them. If the others aren't vaccinated, it is on them..
  4. That is a very good point and I 100% understand peopel looking out for their kids.. All I can say about that is aisde from a few exceptions kids hardly get sick from Covid if at all.
  5. Not going to reply to any specific but if you have the vaccine you shouldn't worry about anyone elses business. If you have the vaccine and get it you almost certainly not going to have any serious symptoms if any at all. Your chances of getting it are miniscule anyway. In the off chance you are vaccinated and still get it and worried about spreding to your loved ones, then your loved ones should get vaccinated. Anyone that doesn't get vaccinated is accepting the risk and it is on them if they get really sick. The vaccine is out there and easily obtainable for everyone that is worried about
  6. I thought you did think it was about Slash.. Sorry is one of the few CD songs I like.. To me it sounds like is talking to all the people talking shit about him on message boards and stuff.
  7. 100%.. They could make the front half a little less unpredictable but I think the setlist is one of they very few things they do right. They are always making subtle changes and they do take chances.. Their sets have more variety than most rock acts out there.. I go to a lot of shows.. Most bands play the exact or close to the exact set for an entire tour.. Maybe switching up one or two songs..
  8. Yes, the crowd eats that song up. I like it too. I would never seek the song out these days but it is still one of the greatest songs of all time.. I will never get sick of seeing Slash play it live..
  9. Yup that would be great.. I could take a slightly extended solo from Slash. in the middle. Would love to see Axl bring the Hey Hey Hey Heys back and ditch the little Mickey ooooh ooooh ooohs he does now too. They sound terrible..
  10. I like it... Axl sounds good on it and I like the little acoustic jam.
  11. Would like to hear Think About You and Mama Kin I guess for old song and cover.. Is Better considered old? I would say to drop that and Wish You were here.. So many other old songs I would like to hear too..
  12. It is sad what KOHD has become.. It used to always be a great live song back in the day..
  13. I don't know.. I want everything Slash does to kick ass and am more than open minded when it comes to his work. I also don't really care to hear new music from Axl so that has nothing to do with it but I SMKC can sound pretty generic. There were some really good songs on AL and WOF was good too but the last was was generic as fuck. Mostly due to Myles but even a lot of the music was.. It isn't just people here either.. I tried to turn a lot of people onto SMKC in the past but some just couldn't get into Myles.. The are still a great live and the band itself blows the NITL out of the wat
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