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  1. That would have been a NITL Blu Ray I would have been interested in too.
  2. It is even too late for that.. It would have been awesome in 2016 when everyone was excited and Axl wasn't as terrible..
  3. I am disappointed with Duff and Slash too.. They definitely chose took money over integrity and most importantly the quality of the music.
  4. Or just change his delivery on some songs and use that voice.. It would be different but still sound good.. I would take that over him sounding like Mickey Mouse..
  5. That is highly debatable... Slash plays better with just about any (if not all) other drummers than Frank.. Looks at his playing with his solo band and even the jam on New Years compared to his NITL playing.. They made it work by selling out for money over quality.. Truth but Axl is a lost cause.. They could at least try to make the band sound better to make up for how awful Axl is..
  6. He used to be my favorite frontman out there but there is literally nothing left of him that is impressive in any sense of the word. I could care less if he ever released another second of new music.. They should just release everything they can find from the classic days. They can do wonders with remastering these days.. Just looks at the Hendrix Maui show that was recently released. They should do that with the Melbourne 88 show and blow everyone's mind.. There are so many people that call out Guns as one of the most over rated bands. They should release shows like that to remind everyone a
  7. I would have been excited about it a few years ago but not so much anymore.. I hardly even like them anymore... I would rather a Blu Ray from the classic era than something from this crap lineup..
  8. With the vaccine and herd immunity there should be no reason to cancel the summer shows again.. If you wanna stay home, stay home but this shit has to end at some point.. Blame China...
  9. I am pretty sure they planned on the extended jam but yes.. It was phenomenal! Slash and a click track just don't work together.
  10. I watched that Bees Gees doc yesterday and Barry Gibb made a quote about how everyone remembers things differently or something and it is true.. I literally can't remember shit from the past week never mind 30 years ago
  11. Credit when credit is due... They sound GREAT jamming that Outro.. This > great than any NITL Select performance
  12. Shows how musical taste can change. I remember watching this when it came out and I thought it was the most bland lame song.. This time I kind of dug the sound..
  13. HE isn't her "full time guitarist".... I just looked it up and Watt produced and played on the last Miley Cyruss album only. Pretty much every instrument. Because he was producing the album and she doesn't have a real band. It looks like Chad Smith, Billy Idol, Joan Jett and Taylor Hawkins were on it as well.
  14. It becomes more and more evident how much Frank is a shit fit for GnR.....
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