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  1. I am really looking forward to this show, especially since it is going to be at Wrigley Field! I am also a Cubs fan, so that just adds a little bit more excitement to the experience for me.
  2. No, although it would be nice. Look how long it took to get the selects that they gave us.
  3. No, but I want one, just don't want to pay what they are currently going for. Congrats, it's nice!
  4. Anyone and that includes Eddie Trunk But I think Howard would do a good interview.
  5. That is what I was thinking too. Maybe it is up to each individual venue. I few inside places don't even have these restrictions. Each show says something different on the few I looked at. Here is what the Los Angeles show is saying.
  6. I noticed that for the pit in Chicago it said that you must be vaccinated. I was just wondering how they are confirming that? Does anyone know?
  7. Yes, my wife wasn’t able to get off work and I told her I thought I was still going to go and she said okay have fun. That’s not what I was expecting her to say, so I hurried and booked everything as quickly as I could 😂. None of my friends will pay these ticket prices to see GN’R, but especially also having to pay to fly to Chicago. They all think that I am completely crazy….and I might be but I have just always enjoyed the band and my friends opinions don’t matter to me 😂
  8. Me too. The first time it showed a pit ticket in my cart and then I checked out and the confirmation email gave me a random field seat. I was so pissed. The site was acting weird and denied 5 different cards. So after I got the field seat I tried pit again with one of the 5 cards I previously tried with and it went through. I realized there were no refunds or exchanges. So now I have a random ass field seat and a pit ticket. I called Wrigley and they confirmed no exchanges. The woman said we can let you buy one of the GA tickets, we have a few left, and that I should try to sell m
  9. Hoping he is in decent shape and sounding amazing! I guess we will see soon. Edit: The more I think about it, I don't give a shit how he looks, I just want his voice to kick ass!!
  10. Yeah, I like coming here, and a few other places on the site, and I still love the band. I'm just not sure that everyone feels that way, based on a lot of the comments that I have seen here, and a few other places. I just feel like I might be in the minority.
  11. Yes, a lot of people on here already treat it that way.
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