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  1. Got my Exit 111 Manchester shirt in today. Actually pretty fast from the official GN'R store. I put it up with my Louisville shirt and Litho. I'm actually pretty happy to have have the Exit 111 shirt because it was sold out the last night when I attended the concert, the night GN'R played.
  2. Who really even knows? With the way this COVID shit show has gone nothing would surprise me.
  3. The Official GN’R store has added a bunch of show specific shirts to the website. The only catch is that you must be a Nightrain member to purchase them. https://gnrmerch.com/collections/guns-n-roses-tour-merch
  4. Yes, I was listening through studio monitors and it was very noticeable. Sounded really good after that.
  5. So we had 1. New Rose 2. My Michelle 3. Coma 4. This I Love 5. Out To Get Me 6. November Rain and all were good! Very nice!
  6. Yes, you could actually hear the moment it improved. I went "Oh, wow"
  7. 2016 had some really good performances and this Houston show was good!
  8. I know it is kind of weird and funny. That also seems like a strange cast of people, but in this boring time, I am fine with people making any music. Everyone is so bored right now. I also understand why a band would not want to put any music and just wait since almost all bands make their money on the road. With that being said, I will still check this out.
  9. If anyone is looking for a skateboard deck Slash put these up And then we have a beach house for sale for those looking during the pandemic
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