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  1. This whole pandemic has fucked everything up. I don't know how they can even plan an event at this time. Especially not even knowing how many people will be allowed per venue and when it will really be "safe" to do live concerts again. Nothing TM does would surprise me at all. Those greedy pieces of shit would do anything just to get some money and hold on to it for an eternity just for the interest.
  2. It was pretty good. I am looking forward to the more in-depth future interviews with people who were there.
  3. I like him as a drummer, but after reading that book, and seeing what a douchebag he is, I would not think Axl would ever even consider having him back.
  4. It was cool to see play all of that. Like someone else said I had never seen Duff play the drums before either.The whole show was pretty good.It was nice to see so many “stars” get together and do this.Although they weren’t really “together”.All and all it was a really good show.
  5. Slash will always make and release new music when he can.....except for when it’s GN’R related.
  6. At this point, I don't give a fuck, I just want some good music to listen to! I prefer Axl but I will listen to Myles and SMKC.
  7. Got my Exit 111 Manchester shirt in today. Actually pretty fast from the official GN'R store. I put it up with my Louisville shirt and Litho. I'm actually pretty happy to have have the Exit 111 shirt because it was sold out the last night when I attended the concert, the night GN'R played.
  8. Who really even knows? With the way this COVID shit show has gone nothing would surprise me.
  9. The Official GN’R store has added a bunch of show specific shirts to the website. The only catch is that you must be a Nightrain member to purchase them. https://gnrmerch.com/collections/guns-n-roses-tour-merch
  10. Yes, I was listening through studio monitors and it was very noticeable. Sounded really good after that.
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