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  1. Just came back from Florida to a signed cd. I sent the unsigned one back last week. Glad they sent the correct one this time! It is not the best looking one that I own but I am very I’m excited to add it to my Slash autograph collection.
  2. I can't. I am not a fan, but it doesn't matter everyone has their own opinions for these songs. All in all this is a kick ass album.
  3. Yeah, it sucks. I had the signed CD and then went back to buy the signed vinyl separately. As I checked out the same thing happened. Once I got my confirmation I cancelled the regular version. I was so excited that I got both of them and now I don't have either one, lol. I sent an email with the pictures. I am pretty sure they are not going to do anything about it, but we will see. I got on Slash's website to report an issue and this is what I got.
  4. Yeah, I checked everywhere and then I saw on FB that someone received their CD and it looked so good. It was signed with a silver marker. I definitely would not have missed it if it was in there. I have a lot of his autographed records and CDs but was pumped about this one. I was so mad I am just now listening to it. I really like the songs and the production so far.
  5. Just got home, pumped to get my signed cd a day early and …. it wasn’t fucking signed. I am so pissed right now!
  6. Yeah, all of my 4 copies were perfect. I have the signed deluxe cd, the signed deluxe vinyl, and the regular record signed from the show. I think everyone is concerned with the vinyl not being signed on the actual album cover. I just checked and my signed cd is showing that it will be delivered today, one day early. If it actually comes today I will upload a pic of where it is signed. With the cd I would almost guarantee it is on an insert.
  7. I just saw one on Facebook. Wow! Not as mad that I missed out now. I wonder where the cd will be signed? Mine won’t be here until Friday.
  8. Just got my tracking number for my signed cd. Looking forward to receiving it.
  9. I have a friend who has been making fun of me for buying front row seats for around $400 and now these tickets are on sale for $25. Clearly not the same type of seat, but it is kind of embarrassing, 😆. I tried to tell him I was getting a signed record and early entry, and that just made it worse, 😆.
  10. Bought my Nashville ticket yesterday.It was a little pricey, but I am looking forward to the show!
  11. Wow, this is all so surprising. I always thought Fernando was a good guy😂😂
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