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  1. I'm sorry, I'm afraid not - quite a while ago, I shared some of them with a few people, but not what actually happened at the hotel. Like "I met the ban," and that was all. Another day, one of these photos came up on Instagram as a "rare photo," and I didn't post it... I believe it might even be found here somewhere, but I don't want the photos linked with some chapters of my diary for privacy reasons. Not now, at least... I hope you understand. I didn't approach him at breakfast. Someone from his entourage called my room on that morning telling me about the breakfast and him,
  2. 20 years ago... Rock in Rio 3, the day I met Axl, and I will never forget it. Perhaps one of the best moments in my life, and I would be able to write a novel about it, but some things are better just in our memories, I guess. On the other hand, it's been exactly 20 years, and there is not a single day that I won't think about it. Some people may say I should let go, but it kind of changed my life, in terms of how to believe in myself. So for once, let me try this: Rio de Janeiro, January 13 2001 - Intercontinental Hotel My room wasn't ready when I checked in, and I had to han
  3. really sorry... changed my mind
  4. I thought they were Canadians... LMAO. I think I get away from this computer today and pay more attention to how the money in my country looks like LOL (nah... I prefer to stick with the computer, #coronaviruspanic) Regardless, that setlist was printed on January 31st, so yeah.
  5. Don't feel bad, they really looked like Canadian coins to me LOL.
  6. PPL please stop saying that HS was on the setlist: that is a photo that someone posted on facebook, God knows who posted it (anyone can create a "setlist" and print it out and post it online), and even if legit, it is from JANUARY 31st. We all want new songs, but last night Axl did a great job (besides the coronavirus joke and the dirty mention to whoever he was referring to - that is not a nice way to refer to anyone that works for you - unless if those are from TB, that it would be ok LOL )
  7. and those are Canadian coins? yeah LOL those coins caught my attention, and then I saw the date so...
  8. Apparently this was printed on JANUARY 31.. and we don't know who printed it - if it is legit.
  9. he is talking in between the songs only. Lets be kind.. it wouldn't be him, we would have nothing
  10. OMG... the guy (streaming) just said that ppl are leaving because "they already heard Sweet Child"...
  11. GREAT Nightrain... yeah, nothing new so far, but can't turn down my computer as Axl's vocals are the best ones since ACDC. Those who can't find any link you can DM me, glad to share.
  12. Much, much, MUCH better. And Slash.. well he is always perfect, but yeah... great show so far. I was about to go to sleep, but here I am
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