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  1. Can anyone find a band on there who hasn’t released an album and has just released some singles, and see what the codes are for those? Probably give some indication if they’re not in order that this is indeed meaningless
  2. At the party in 2010 when the phone recording of The General was taken , Silkworms was also played and recorded, right? So definitely a song he always had plans for I'd have thought
  3. Kind of thought he would - verses are right in the worst part of his mid range and chorus is more SOYL-style screaming
  4. 1. The General 2. Soul Monster 3. Oklahoma 4. Perhaps perhaps was my favourite of the leaks but I’d prefer to get something I haven’t heard to something I have
  5. Haha I'm a Tassie guy as well! I'm just waiting for them to offer discount tickets to hopefully book it, can't see it selling that well either
  6. The show I went to at the MCG had 75k, biggest stadium in Aus and looked basically at capacity
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