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  1. Axl on Paradise City is pretty awful these days isn’t it. Just completely breathless and zero rasp or control. Good to see Dave Grohl with them- hopefully they do the same and guest spot with Foo Fighters. It’s So Easy in Italy with Taylor drumming is one of the most electric versions of that song ever played live.
  2. Does Evaders mix or the low quality audio original still exist? Never had chance to hear it
  3. The leaks were interesting and so diverse- why Axl hasn’t ever released these things is beyond me- he’s a talented guy and his vocals are like an extra bit of magic dust because of how unique they are. The only ones I never heard were Soul Monster and The General, although apparantly the latter wasn’t great quality?
  4. Good to see the band having fun and playing looser. Can I ask those of you who are more musically/sonically educated than me- since the 2010s has Axl been using some sort of effect on vocals live? I find it hard to explain - but it’s almost like some weird echo effect that seems to accentuate his screams. I’ve often wondered if the NITL Selects have sounded so poor because they are just pure soundboard and without the effect that you get live? I don’t ever remember it pre 2010s- 2006 he was incredible, and with AC DC too. Does anyone know what I mean?
  5. Whatever the take on Absurd- and it really is a divisive, edgy track- the fact that these guys have actually knocked out some material in a studio/studio(s) is a major thing and SURELY this is not the only thing worked on given Hard Skool has been rehearsed for shows. Hope they be bold and drop an album without giving a shit about the reaction- that’s the best thing they could do, they don’t need sales and number ones any more
  6. I mean- musically it was interesting. Axl reminded me of Corey Taylor in the spoken word parts and they’ve clearly done a studio rework of this because the backing vocals of Axl were playing through the speakers. It would have made a great Slipknot track in 2000!! The disappointing thing is that Absurd and Hard Skool were the only alt new tracks on the set list, which doesn’t suggest there’s been much work on new songs outside of these two. Really hope I’m wrong because actually, as crazy as Absurd is as a track, musically it was great to see Slash, Duff and Richard really gelling and complimenting one another.
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