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  1. I can "understand" that they dont play hs tonight but not even saying a word about it?
  2. I woke up hyped because I wanted to watch the new Radiohead video and now I found this. Fn Incredible!!!!
  3. Lets do some reverse psychology Great that they didnt soundchecked hard schoo!!! That song is totally awful and I hope they dont play it today or ever and you know what would be a terrible idea? realasing an studio version pffff it makes no sense
  4. https://www.facebook.com/gunsnroses/videos/705845094145615 just a funny animation promoting the tour
  5. What is the song "play video" and why did they play it 25 times? 😳😳😳
  6. I don't see hard school being played in the encore. Today is not the day
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