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  1. Awesome Post! I swear that I wanted to make this thread some months ago but completely forgot about it hahaha
  2. There´s one way to prove if these leaks are real or fake. I´ll upload it to youtube and if it gets taken down then it its real Correct me if I am wrong haha PS: If you wanna listen to it send me a message
  3. We are unreasonably expecting some old pro-shots within a "UYI box set" in spite of the fact that we received nothing of the sort for the AfD anniversary box
  4. I was late for this thread and nobody cares about my story because it m ight not be cool as other people's but here I go I discovered gnr when I was a kid beacuse I was playing videogames on my dad's laptop and I was searching some music or whatever. Then it started to play "Rocket Queen", I fell in love with that song but the moanings were awful hahaha. After that, I searched on youtube "Rocket queen", "Appetite for destruction", "Guns n Roses"...I was a kid so I didnt even know what was an album. I liked some songs an thats's it. Some years later when I was a teenager I started listening
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