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  1. I love both equally. More than Appetite because it’s more to listen to. But if I’m being honest, I Stan this band and love every album. Even TSI.
  2. “Holidays come and then they go. It’s nothing new today….”
  3. Hey guys 👋🏼 This is a GNR forum. Just thought we needed a reminder.
  4. Proof? Not being a jerk. Just never heard of this. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. Long time lurker; few time poster: Honestly, from what I can tell, as music has changed over time, I can only imagine the reason Axl “hoards” music is because he has a vague vision in his head of what each song should sound like and he records and records until the material reaches the level of his idea. I feel that he’s one of those artists that view a song as not ever being done, because he can mentally see how to keep adding onto it. And I’m not here to kiss his ass. I just understand that when you create something and you have an idea of what message you want to get across, you want everything to be perfect. Everyone here seems to think songs can just be reworked and new solos added, but we know Axl can be a bit of a perfectionist. So however he viewed the songs during their inception could have changed over the years. For all we know, even if no new songs have been written, and only reworked, he could’ve changed lyrics to fit a more current state of mind. Maybe his musical tastes have changed and he doesn’t view songs the way he used to. I’m with you guys. I want new music too. However, I’m not holding my breath. If it happens, that’s great and I’ll enjoy it most likely. If it doesn’t, so what? We gain nothing from complaining. If we don’t agree with the way management is running operations, that’s fine. However, they won’t change. They guys are getting older. Time is running out to make albums. Just move on to something else and if the band releases an album, listen and give your opinion. Otherwise, constantly whining about how the band is now a brand and is all about money isn’t going to change how they function. They don’t hang on every breath of every fan who comments on a message board. Just as you shouldn’t care about every move they make to generate money. Sorry for the long post. These are just the drunk thoughts of a fan who has given up after years with no album. I also felt this way before Chinese was released so maybe it’s just me. Who knows?
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