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  1. There he is. What threads/posts are you reading? Maybe you are thinking of FB because I don’t have a FB account. Great post Russ…you really TCB 🙄 you get a gold bonus star ⭐️ It’s so easy…(followed by Mr. Brownstone).
  2. For sure. And you can tell/assume these people don’t actually get out and go to shows or they would know this. I hope they keep the same fucking set list forever 😂
  3. I like the video too. Is it “epic” like some from back in the day? No it’s not….doesn’t necessarily mean it’s “bad”……might be bad in your opinion. There are some members on here who do nothing but complain. Axl is fat, GNR merch sucks, Axl’s voice sucks, tickets are too high, set list sucks, new video sucks…..makes you wonder if everything associated with GNR today is so bad why are these people here and how miserable are these people in real life.
  4. I’m excited for anything new and at least some public promotion. Maybe new EP with new music and a new tour. Looks like I’m in the minority. It was funny I was watching GMFB this morning as I do every morning and every commercial break they faded out with a GNR song. I couldn’t figure out why.
  5. Nice! Congrats! That’s awesome! I had watched it for a while and I confess I bought it a few weeks ago after I saw it opened on Pawn Stars and it was at $399. Oh well….it’s my Christmas present.
  6. $55 for a sweatshirt? How could you 😂 I’m going to pick up a few things now that there’s 15% off. Probably the joggers too just because 🤣 Been waiting on a similar sale for the Stone Sour website too.
  7. I hope they leave from there and go to ATL. Had tickets for me and my best friend from high school, then Covid, and they never rescheduled the date. Nashville would be great too. Thanks in advance for your cooperation 😂
  8. Sad 😢 RIP Dexter. So hard losing one. At one time we had 7 dogs and 6 cats. We have 3 dogs and 5 cats now. and they go downhill so fast. One day I literally went to the store and came back in 15 mins and my German Shepherd went from fine to his heart giving out.
  9. No not really. I’m just asking, where do you buy your joggers? I was in plain ole Old Navy today and their plain, single color joggers were $45. But I know from our past experiences you don’t think anything GNR is worth the money 😂
  10. Shot in the dark but…. if you have an extra 2016 Atlanta one please let me know.
  11. I hope they fill some of the open dates with more shows. Would be great since they were in FL to come back through and hit ATL. My best friend and I had tickets pre-covid, then it was cancelled, and not added back. And then maybe hit Nashville so I could see them 2 more times 😂
  12. For sure they won’t. People today prefer this garbage they play on the radio 😂
  13. Confession… ive cried at all of the shows I’ve been too. Still now even 35 years later get teary eyed sometimes when I just hear them on my playlist, YouTube etc. like most been through many ups and downs in this thing called life. Some of my greatest memories are connected to GNR songs….then there’s the rough times…through loss, illness, homelessness, etc music and in particular GNR was there for me through it all. thinking about getting on a plane tomorrow.
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