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  1. Unfortunately I think this is what's in store. Radio silence basically until they hit Europe in my opinion.
  2. If you really want to order from overseas you can usually find a mail forwarding address in the country you're buying from I've done it a few times when buying from USA and Japan, getting things sent to the UK. Costs a little more as there's usually a service fee but I've never found it to be outrageously overpriced.
  3. Here ya go bud! Closest you're gonna get to a live performance so suck it up, and don't be complaining
  4. Folk getting mad because GN'R didn't play the song they wanted I wanted them to play it too, but it never ceases to amaze me how the band can build up all of our hopes and then crush them so mercilessly. Now we get to hear the nutswingers spout the usual "GN'R doesnt owe you anything", "They never said they would play the song" etc etc F'n love this band, god only knows why
  5. Del is the tour manager so I'd start with him
  6. You all know this song leaked already right? And the leaked version is badass. Just because Slash might be on the officially released version everyone shits their pants, just like they did with Absurd...... but y'know Silkworms was a banging tune without Slash's additions too right?
  7. I'd say the forum fanbases have shown more contempt for the band over the years than the band has ever shown us
  8. Sad news, he also co-wrote Seems To Me on Izzy's 'Fire' album.
  9. Incase you've not heard it there's also an extended version of baby rann on iTunes which is about 3 mins longer than the YouTube video version Has a cool reggae outro... Upside is a great tune too
  10. Thanks for the links, it's been a while so I'd gotten some of the timelines a bit mixed up. In Slash's bio there's a caption on one of The Project photos which says they might be working on a song called SNAFU, which is another one which ended up on Izzys Like A Dog
  11. Bomb was recorded in April/May 2003 so it predates Velvet Revolver/The Project
  12. Is there anyone they won't sue? Wish they'd spend more time in a recording studio and less time in their lawyers office but whatever. When you have a globally recognised brand, a tour generating (idk) $50,000,000, you're hitting BILLIONS of streams on digital platforms...... just seems like pure greed that they'd sue street vendors who probably already have a criminal record, no employment opportunities, less than $1k in their bank, extortionate rent due soon, wife and kids to feed etc. I love GNR and appreciate that this is probably just their overly enthusiastic legal team at work, but why go down the legal route? Why not just work with the bootleggers outside the venue and take a cut of their profits, instead of having them sued into bankruptcy or jailed etc. "From Hollywood California, the most litigious band in the world, Guns N Fuckin Roses" Maybe someone needs to sue GNR for the environmental impact this band has on our planet? Private jets and endless amounts of merchandise results in a pretty whopping carbon footprint, and it only seems to get worse with each passing year. I thought Axl was supposed to be "woke" and a liberal snowflake these days? Doesn't seem like it
  13. This is what I think too. I was 16 or so when I first saw that gig on VHS in 01 and just seeing that sea of people bouncing up and down when GNR started Jungle gave me goosebumps. The exorcist intro just before the song was really cool too
  14. Crypto has had a good week and looks like it's about to pump up again Already seeing some daily 10% gains and BTC is yet to hit a new all time high so expecting it to keep going up over the next week (fingers crossed)
  15. There hasn't been any Izzy news lately so there isn't much left to discuss these days. Fingers crossed that he pops up again sometime soon
  16. Can we get #pussyfullofmaggots trending on Twitter ya think?
  17. Instead of announcing the new song on Twitter they've posted this absurd tweet instead: (For those who didn't watch the stream last night, Axl also played a bit of this live before and during November Rain)
  18. Can't wait 4.30am here but I'm definitely staying up for this
  19. The stream I was watching just ended, anyone have a link handy please?
  20. Holy shit thats awesome, I thought he said something about downloading the song at midnight
  21. It's been 20 years and Axl is still tweaking those same songs that were debuted live back in January 2001 Twenty fuckin years lol, and I still can't legally purchase a copy of the song
  22. Love that Silkworms is back in the set
  23. Looks a bit like Izzy's GNR tattoo, his has swords instead of guns too
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