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  1. This stuff obviously wasn’t mixed for release and pulled straight from the source. What works live in a building often doesn’t translate elsewhere. At a certain point it’s not releasable for even a passing YouTube upload. It needs to be edited and remixed (if they even have multi tracks )
  2. I believe they were done trying to sabotage each other’s projects by that point. Duff had shared the stage and the ice had been broken. Would it have happened/broached in 2013? Maybe not for timing reasons, but I think they were able to think about the brand and what they could work together on if not a possible reunion down the line
  3. I doubt they’re from the same session. That would mean the source material live is at the same tempo as the re-recording. Which they never played to a click live. It would be lunacy for even GNR to recreate it They definitely redid parts for Live Era. A lot of bands did this for live albums. I’m pretty sure Robin was used for some backing vocals. I think that would have been done separately. They had the studio booked the entire time to do it. It could have been something where Gilby/Izzy weren’t directly in front of their mic on the source material. They weren’t going to call in t
  4. The band didn’t perform to a click live back then. Therefore anything they had probably didn’t line up in time with anything they had recorded. If vocals exist, they were most likely done separately and are different from Live Era takes is my guess
  5. Mainly because that was going to be his role. He’d take the Bucket leads in a 2 guitar lineup going back and forth with Robin in 2006. It’s a shame we didn’t see that
  6. For the fanbase to have “first dibs” to pay full price for tickets. For that opportunity, you pay a membership fee. It’s a virtual shakedown street
  7. Yeah but they aren’t currently in print and haven’t been reissued since they were originally released Yeah but they aren’t currently in print and haven’t been reissued since they were originally released
  8. Well besides it being Irving Azoff.... He’s a master manipulator and that’s something right up his alley. Especially when it comes to reuniting artists for his gain. Not sure if he flat out didn’t pay him, but he could have made the situation for him more unstable than it already was (given the nature of GNR). Azoff could have known Trent was probably going to call, and he very well could put Robin in a position beforehand that he couldn’t say no to the offer
  9. Well marriage also isn’t for everyone. Let the man make and live with those decisions whatever they may be. This stuff has nothing to do with the band and not releasing music. Although there’s some interesting comments about Doug and Fernando here, who knows where it’s coming from
  10. If you can get your $ back, I’d suggest you do it. There are no guarantees there are shows next year. If there are shows, everyone will be touring and there will probably be some very competitive deals out there to replace your ticket
  11. Small business is more defined in the amount of people they employ. The SBA program was designed to keep people employed on payroll in businesses that were affected by Covid instead of those workers being unemployed and therefore on state unemployment. The music business has been affected and they surely do qualify. This also isn’t Slash/Duff/Axl paying themselves. It’s everyone else they have on payroll. People in their camp rely on those shows happening for income. Shows provide the infrastructure for that to happen. You can ask why don’t they pay them out of their personal pockets, but
  12. The music business is entirely affected by Covid during this time and in the future. That’s exactly what these loans were meant for. It keeps people paid intermediately. Theres a lot of overhead for these bands
  13. It’s a cover album. While canned spaghetti could be satisfying for some, the home made spaghetti meal has more substance.
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