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  1. everythings great thanks! how are you?

  2. you posted the how sweet the sound comment 5 times! loser! you know i love you really and im gonna fly over to Australia to marry you...im getting sliughtly carried away...!

  3. how sweet the sound? u won't be saying that if you heared me sing! thanks anyway, my sweet little svenny!

  4. wooh hoo! babe, am i now?! nobodys ever called me that before! erm...well im back on the anti depressants, but apart from that all is fine! its just started snowing over here so im going sledging tonight! you been up to much?!

  5. Baby, only thousands of miles can keep us apart! You know I love you, so why don't you reply to me?

  6. basically I'm going to Gambia for 4 weeks in the summe with a group of 10 people to do voluntary work like helping orphans with HIV out running fun activity days for them etc...and I'll do some practical work too like building a school or playground for them! But I need to raise £1500 to get there and I'm broke!

  7. welcome, yes! you are a noob now!

    love ya!


  8. well today got off to a bad start. some trash on the bus this morning shouted "she's got massive boobs" and then i lost a fiver. but the sun is shining and i have my health so all is well thanks! hows life your side of the globe?

  9. thanks! i love you more!

  10. great thanks! you from York too?

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