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  1. that would be ok, but with a different kind of 'message'... just write "f**k off covid" or "get in the ring covid" or something else... as it is it's just embarrassing by any point of view imo
  2. Axl at number one on the twitter trends??? "Round 2!!!"
  3. Richard as producer ? Buckethead and Robin featured artists? Silkworms? Ain't going' down no more? Slunks N' Skulls? wtf
  4. C'mon Fernando it's not so difficult, that's the plan: 1 - Upload a 2016 pro-shot concert on YouTube in April 2 - Annuncement and release of a "new" single (hardschool) from the future EP* with a lyric video (like the SOYL tour ed.) in May 3 - Streaming of an acoustic show (1 hour aprox. with classic and new songs*... hey Axl do the songs with the low voice!!! you know... like it's an intimate performance, you can do it) in May 4 - Release the EP (5 or 6 songs) through streaming services and exclusively on Amazon for the CD and the Vinyl ed. in July 5 - New sing
  5. brillant acoustic performance (with some SMKC songs obviously)
  6. "in case of emergency cut this shirt & use it as toilet paper"
  7. https://bumblefoot.bandcamp.com/track/planetary-lockdown?fbclid=IwAR3YzH5XZYo_N_K3Q3ngLFvFLH5kCN0TuTYETiEsWIcmKX9-9Llsvn3xHfo Our good old Bumble with a new instrumental track. What do ya think? Pretty bad ass imo
  8. Pikes 276 & 277 on the way
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