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  1. One of my favourite posters of late whether I agree with half the shit you say or not. Thumbs up! :)

    1. Ace Nova

      Ace Nova

      Thanks Dazey!! Just saw your post...and vice versa!!

  2. Between you and Deeds you're really making it very hard for me to be a shit to religious people on here! If it wasn't for Lucius I'd have no fun at all! :P

    1. Gracii Guns

      Gracii Guns

      Haha, Erm Cheers! You really need to try harder :P

  3. You're alright for a god botherer you are! Keep up the good work! :D

  4. 'orrible old soft southern shandy drinking ponce that y'are you do talk sense from time to time.

  5. Clear your inbox you rotbag!

  6. I take it all back! keep the threads coming! Dumb as some of them are they're at least keeping this place going and making me laugh.

    1. bionic56


      God you fuckin act like you're god, Like he gives a fuck what a cunt like you thinks.

    2. Dazey


      Shouldn't you be sucking off a footy fan in a string vest with a pint of Stella rather than annoying real people Barry?

  7. I apologise for the mother comment though. I'm sorry, that was too far.

  8. Oh shut up you tart! If you bothered to read any of my posts you'll see that I've also made plenty of comments about the British so does that make me a me-ist? If you can't comprehend a post within the context of the surrounding thread then maybe you shouldn't be posting on an English language forum you tool? ;)

  9. You mean the comment that was blatantly a joke which you took far too seriously and pissed your pants over? Do you feel a little silly that EVERY other person in that thread knew I was kidding and that you've just made a massive fool of yourself by getting all upset over nothing? Did you even read the rest of the posts in the thread? Eeesh!

  10. You're right, I must apologise for starting all this. Y'know, cos I was the one who posted insults on your profile first and all that? Hahahha!!!

  11. Mexican dialect or not, it's still Spanish and if you understood that it was filthy then it's clearly done its job so I'm happy enough. If you're struggling though it translates roughly as "go fuck your mother you fucking bastard and fuck the big giant whore that birthed you". Have a nice day. :P x

  12. Don't know how to break this one to you Einstein but two cunts, dirty or otherwise don't fit together in any way. It's basic biology y'know? ;) Hahaha!

  13. Chinga tu madre, pendejo cabron y la grand puta que te pario!!!!

  14. Hahahaha! Cheers for that Franco! I'm guessing in order to be a good human being I have to sacrifice a sense of humour and walk around with a stick up my arse like you? :D xxx

  15. Talentless at what you fucking mongoloid?

  16. Can't even spell when being sarcastic I see. :D

  17. Hahhaha! It's 12:30 in the afternoon and I didn't get to bed until 7am. I'm not going anywhere until I shake off this hangover. :) x

  18. 'sup buddy? How's things? :)

  19. This time next week I'll be over the Atlantic but I fly back from LA on the 12th so after I've had a debauched weekend with Len we should totally hang. :)

  20. You're a cracking fella so y'are. :)

  21. Hypothermia but fuck me that was one hell of a comeback! You're a genius! :D

  22. What's blue and fucks old people?

  23. I see Charles and a pillow in her immediate future.

  24. Best royal by far is Harry and that's only cos Diana got knocked up by some guy that wasn't Charles.

  25. You kidding? Which one? The one with the massive gums or the massive arse? Urgh!

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