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Black Sabbath

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I know this is a Gn'R forum but I honestly like Ozzy more than Gn'R and collect his memorabila like some/most of you do with Gn'R and was just wondering if anyone here has the same passion as I do for Ozzy and collects some of his stuff too. So post pics if you have any cool stuff !

I'll post pics of some of my stuff later...

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Yeah, I have alot more stuff that I'll post pics of later but I don't have time now.

nice collection dude all i got is a t-shirt from the ultimate sin tour

Cool what's it look like? I have the remake of an old Ultimate Sin short but then again...I almost have a shirt for everyday of the month... :xmasssanta:

Same with you 'icet'

Post some pics! I like to see other peoples Ozzy stuff. And as in "all solo albums" do you have Ozzmosis and Down To Earth and stuff like that?

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Heres some crappy pictures of random stuff...


Cartoon Drawing I did...


Huge flag


Small collage I made...


Another big wall hanging


Ozzy stickers on PS2 :P


Leftover from my Middle School Project


Bark at the Moon statue and small poster




Just a few shirts

I'll take some more pics tomorrow and post some up.

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can't really post pics cause the phone I have now doesn't have a camera...

but, the two shirts I have, one is just the basic grey shirt with black outline around the neck and sleeves, and has the old Ozzy logo(red and yellow, I'm sure you know which one I mean) and the other is a newer one, for Black Rain, has the newest version of the Ozzy logo, and has Ozzy looking like hes sitting in some kinda throne

the bandanna is a grey one for Black Rain

the wristband says Ozzy on one side, has a pic of stick figure ozzy giving the double bird on the other side

as for my Ozzy cd collection, I have every studio release from Blizzard of Ozz through to Black Rain(Ozzmosis is actually one of my personal favorite albums... I think his weakest album is definitely Under Cover, though), I also have Prince of Darkness box set, The Ozzman Cometh(for the song Back on Earth... amazing), and the Randy Rhoads tribute cd

the wallet I have(somewhere) is just your basic black leather wallet with a chain, and it has Ozzy stitched on the outside(the Down to Earth logo) and an Ozzy-esque O in one of the card holders(stitched in)

I have a Sabbath-era cloth poster(really simple, black and white photo of the band, says Black Sabbath in upper-right corner)

and an Ozzy poster with a pic of Ozzy and his name written in the Down to Earth font

I probably do have alot more Ozzy stuff, but, thats all I can remember and describe in detail right now

Ozzy was actually my favorite singer, until I heard Estranged

theres an interesting trivia fact for ya

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I used to have the Mr. Crowley picture disc. I still have an Ultimate Sin Tourbook and a No Rest For The Wicked Tourbook. I have the '96 remasters and the 2002 hatchet job re-recordings (bought 'em for the bonus tracks). I also have a box set of all the Ozzy era Sabbath albums in mini-lp style sleeves which is one of my favorite pieces of memorabilia.


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I'm looking for Ozzmosis, Live & Loud, No More Tears, and Down To Earth oon vinyl. I have every album on CD.

But sounds like you guys have some cool stuff.

i used to have "Live and Loud" with the cool speaker cover digipack. i lost all my cd's around 1996 do to a bad habit i was supporting at the time. live and learn, right?

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thats the greatest ozzy collection i've ever seen, all ive got is a t-shirt :lol:

Definately not the greatest my friend...But maybe the greatest for a 14 year old!

You should have seen the guys collection that owned the old 'Ozzyhead.com' site. He was in like his 30's or something and collecting for years but it was still awesome!

But anyway...I just won the rare 'Ten Commandments' CD on eBay for like $20 when I've seen it go for $100+ sometimes so I'm happy.

Also, does anyone have any Ozzy stuff that they want to trade or sell? I've got a few shirts and maybe some other stuff I want to get rid of...

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