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Stones vs. Led Zep

Vincent Vega

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I know some of you are going to be like, ''that's comparing Apples & Oranges'' but still...Even in the 70s there was a rivalry between the two bands, especially in '72, as Led Zeppelin's popularity was growing and they were launcing a massive tour as was the Stones. Which is the better band, and why?

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Zeppelin cuz their not still selling out the world and their music better and just better in general

Well you can't sell out if you were broken up.

Yes, you can. Reunions ;)

I prefer Led Zeppelin, not familar with a lot of RS' work though..

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They're still putting out great music! If you don't think so Check out A Bigger Bang! They've established a fan base that ranges from ages 10 - 60 as indicated by there sold out tours. Zep, while a great band with a ridiculous catalogue of music is not doing shit except for maybe one show in London and a recycle of old "newly remastered music." Their music is phenominal but they're not marketed nearly as well as The Stones' are because they're not out their pushing and promoting in the same way. In terms of music and impact the Stones supercede Zep on a number of levels. Through new products and promotion they are a bigger attraction and therefore bring in more money. Musically, I think they edge out Zep because of they're longevity and mammoth, ever expanding catalogue of great (Completely subjective opinion here.) music.

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