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Stuck Inside


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I'm just typing these up from the booklet.

I feel you taking on

Everything I said

That I want

and then you said it's over

Cause I'm stuck inside

I'll take all you got

and everything you said

That I can't

and then you said it's over

Cause I'm stuck inside

I won't let you break away

I know your feelings change

From everything you said today

Peeling the layers of emotions away

I'm breaking down again, you'll see

I need just one more special thing

Now I, 1-2-3-4-5-6, I count away my time

All my life ie empty. Now I said it's over

Cause I'm stuck inside

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Ca-ROOzin' down the avenue

I got ma fist in da air-ee-air

Lookin' for some male friends

Like I really don't care

Pullin' up to the curb again

I catch the eye of a planned affair

Jumpin' into the ass race

Like Pacino in "Cruising" dared

Don't ask what the truth is

And I won't tell you no lies

Love can be a pain in the ass (literally)

What I do in my own time is of no concern to you

But baby please love my hair

(unnecessary shred guitar solo)


Jumpin' back in my Chevy

My hair is feelin' the breeze

Goin' back to the ol' pad

Hope my wife is asleep

Cop lights flash behind the back seat

I pull my pants from my knees

Pull over to the curb again

Shit myself and on the seat

I'm scared that they'll find out

I'm scared that they'll know

I'm scared of what will happen

If my private life is exposed


Don't ask what the truth is

And I won't give you no double negatives

Pullin' an Eddie Murphy can be a bitchslap, baby

It brings you hard to your knees

But go easy on meeeee

(unnecessary additional shred guitar solo)

(Axl wails)

(chorus repeat)

EDIT: Oh, I thought you were asking for Bitchslap lyrics. That would have been funnier. I opened a tab in Firefox, forgot I had it open, and when I came back I thought for some reason this was about Bitchslap. A perfectly good parody gone to waste. :(

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