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The Best of the Worst


Favorite Unsuccessful Aerosmith Album  

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This question was inspired by the fact that I just ordered Night in the Ruts and Rock in a Hard Place from Amazon last night (thus completing my collection of all of Aerosmith's studio albums). I don't think that it can really be argued that Draw the Line, Night in the Ruts, Rock in a Hard Place, and Done With Mirrors were by far Aerosmith's most unsuccessful albums. Not saying they are the bands worst albums... just the least successful. So out of these 4 albums, which do you prefer? Do you like any of them at all? Tell me what you think... I personally have only heard Draw the Line and Done With Mirrors so I won't give my opinion until I get Night in the Ruts and Rock in a Hard Place in the mail.

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1st off, all the bad A-smith albums came after these four (when they started using outside writers and gave total control of all and future recordings to record exec. John Colodner)........dont be fooled by sales that are generated by cheesy hit singles.

lets start with NIGHT IN THE RUTS - 'no surprize' just fuckin balls out rocks!, Stevens vocals the way he speeds up the rap as the song builds is just amazing. 'Chiquita', 'Reefer headed women'.......just a great album from a band going through major turmoil at the time, Joe Perry would quit soon afterwards

DRAW THE LINE - the title track is amazing, probably my favorite of the big 70's hits. 'Critical Mass', 'I wanna know why'

DONE WITH MIRRORS - the 1st official reunion CD (1985)....fuck 'My Fist Your Face'..classic, 'Darkness', 'Shela', 'Let the music do the talkin' This CD should have sold tons......it would have saved the world from AEROSMITH LITE that became reality with the next release

ROCK IN A HARD PLACE - the only CD done without guitarists Joe Perry & Brad Whitford. Still a very drugged out Steven Tyler captures the mood of a life spirraling out of control, and makes a great record. "Lightning Strikes", "Bitches Brew" & the classic cover of "Cry Me a River"

still having a hard time chosing one

I say a tie between


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when they started using outside writers and gave total control of all and future recordings to record exec. John Colodner

And they stopped mashing their brains with drugs

And they grew up

I'm pretty sure you can accomplish those things without selling your soul to Desmond Child and Diane Warren. :lol::no:

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Draw The Line is easily my favourite out of those. Night In The Ruts and Done With Mirrors are good too. Rock In A Hard Place is crap though...

agree with that, rock in a hard place is probably their only weak 70's record.

love night in the ruts, no surprize and chiquita are fucking amazing tunes.

one of the best bands of the 70's

too bad they tarnished their credibility by hiring outside songwriters to write songs that rivaled the cheese of bon jovi. :rolleyes

they could have gone down in history as one of rock n roll's finest.

instead people will now always remember them for that rubbish armagedon tune and run dmc.

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Have to admit the first Aerosmith record I got was Live Greatets Hits II - which is almost untoppably shite, but I loved it at the time. Then I got Pump so I'm biased to that record. The old ones sound like they were recorded in a shed in two minutes. Tommy Vance introducing Voodoo Medicine Man on The Rock Show was educational.

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I've got to say that I'm surprised by the poll results. I figured Night in the Ruts and especially Rock in a Hard Place wouldn't get any votes. Looks like I was wrong. I did figure that the majority of the people would like Draw the Line though. I still haven't gotten my CD's in the mail so my vote isn't in yet.

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