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Guns N' Roses


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I went to a Pinball Convention yesterday in Chicago and they had the Guns N' Roses pinball machine. I know its been talked about before but i took some pics of it and played it for a while. Its cool as hell actually, plays most of Welcome to the Jungle, and theres a My Michelle bonus, that plays the chorus. But, i figured you guys would enjoy some good pics of it! When i was playing it there was these 2 guys talking behind me about the game, and he said, "I hate the band, but the pinball machine is actually great, and the other guy was like, well i really like the music. And the plunger to shoot the ball is a rose. Axl should make a Chinese Democracy pinball machine! Also, they were selling it for $2900. Sorry if this is in the wrong section, i figured everyone would enjoy looking these pics.









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wow that's the most awesome pinballmachine ever

Does it begin like You know where the fuck you are?! Your In the game arcade your a fucking nerd!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No it says, smoke a joint and play me, YOUR GONNA DIE!!!!!!

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Awsome pics, Thanks!

Pinball has been my favorite game for a long time. Just never played this one. :(

Anyone know where to D/L the computer version of the GN'R pinball?

Courtesy of whoever posted it in the original thread

For anyone who wants to play it (or a reasonable recreation of it) on their PC:


OK, I found it. I updated some of the links but Pilferk gets all the credits for the rest of the tutorial.

Here's what you need :

Visual Pinball


You'll need to register to the message board



I have the version 1.30, but I guess a more recent one will work just as well.

VBS scripts (and that only):


The game rom :


It might ask you for a login / password, but nevermind. Click on cancel.

1) Now, you've got everything you need. Here's what I did. I unzipped the Visual Pinball Zip file into a new folder, and ran the setup. This installs the program.

2)I then unzipped the PinMAME file into IT'S own seperate folder, and installed it. During the setup process, you'll get a screen with a WHOLE list of "paths" (you know, C:\Downloads\Pinmame\). You want to change the ROMS path to the Tables subfolder underneath the main Visual Pinball folder (wherever you chose to install that...for me, the path was C:\Program Files\Visual Pinball\Tables It will probably be similar if you use the default install for Visual Pinball in step 1).

3) Unzip the vbs script zip file into that same Tables Folder.

4) Unzip BOTH GnR Rom zip files into the SAME Tables Folder.

5) Create a new folder within the Tables Folder, called gnr_300.

6) Copy the following files from the Tables Folder INTO the GnR folder you just created:








7) Within the GnR folder, rename all the G&ru**.snd files (where ** is the number) to Gnru**.snd. In other words, rename G&ru17.snd to Gnru17.snd, rename G&ru21.snd to Gnru21.snd, and so on.

All the work is done. Load up Visual Pinball (Start, Programs, Visual Pinball, Visual Pinball Beta). Click File and Open. You should see a list of 3 tables (Tutorial, Top Speed, and Guns n Roses). Click on Guns and Roses, and click open. That will load the table into "Construction Mode". Click the play button and you should be all set. The 2 shift keys are the flippers, the enter key is the ball shot, I think 5 is "insert coin" and I know 1 is the start button. 7 puts the board into diagnostic mode, but I can't figure out how to get out of that without quitting out of the board. Esc will pause and let you quit out (by selecting return to editor).

Have fun !

I put together those instructions a couple of years ago for HTGTH posters. The links were recently updated by Pandora, one of the mods over there, but the instructions still work.


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i got this as a wedding gift from my sister and i can tell you they go for way more than $2900 , my sis paid closer to $ 4000 and i had to replace alot of parts.


Yikes your sister got ripped off. My GNR Pin was like new when I bought it last year, and I got it from a dealer who is notorious for charging top dollar and I got mine for $3200.






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