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Queen + PR tour - PICS


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Saw them last tuesday in Rotterdam and they were awesome. I really like Paul's voice, and he does the songs justice in his own way. Most reviews I read here from the show are very positive.

The setlist:

Intro (Cosmos rocks)

01 Tie your mother down

02 Fat bottomed girls

03 Another one bites the dust

04 I want it all

05 I want to break free

06 C-lebrity

07 Surfs Up… School's Out

08 Seagull

09 Love of my life

10 '39

11 Roger electric Bass Solo incl Under Pressure/Another One Bites The Dust

12 Drum Solo

13 I'm in love with my car

14 A Kind Of Magic

15 Say it's not true

16 Bad company


18 Guitar solo

19 Bijou

20 Last horizon

21 Radio GAGA

22 Crazy little thing called love

23 The show must go on

24 Bohemian rhapsody


25 Cosmos rockin'

26 All right now

27 We will rock you

28 We are the champions

29 God save the queen

I'm still waiting for the pictures, since they're on my friends camera.

You're going to have a great time.

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I love Original Queen

So I would probably check out a show if they came to Australia

But it's abit like The Doors without Jim, Inxs without Micheal etc it's just not the same.

It's not the same...but they treat the songs with class and dignity and it really shines through.

I was sceptical but I was quite impressed with this band live.

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Damn, they dropped One Vision as opener? That's a shame, I saw it on a setlist for one of the shows they played recently and assumed it'd be there for the whole tour. :(

Yea, I was really dissappointed when I saw they dropped it too; it's one of the Queen songs I always wanted to hear Paul sing since the first time I heard him. Oh well, hopefully they'll pick it back up by the time they bring this show to the US.

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I'm seeing them at Wembley november 8th, and judging by the Youtube-clips, reviews and reactions, they seem to put on a fucking brilliant show.

I was only two years old when Freddie passed away, so I am extremely glad that Brian and Roger are taking the music on the road again for us newer fans to enjoy, and with such a great singer as Paul Rodgers.

Seriously, I doubt there's any other 59-year old rock singer that still sounds as good as Paul does.

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There is a pro-shot video of their first gig of this tour on Youtube. Search for Queen+Paul Rodgers in Kharkov and you'll find it. Amazing gig, even though there are some rough edges.

Roger Taylor's drum solo is fantastic. And I'm usually bored with them after a minute. Paul does a killer version of A Kind Of Magic too.

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Roger Taylor's drum solo is fantastic. And I'm usually bored with them after a minute.

Yeah, that was pretty cool. He started with one piece of his drumkit, played a little, they added another piece, and at the end of his solo he was sitting behind a full drumkit at the front of the walkway from the stage.

Brian's guitar solo (Last horizon) was amazing too.

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Saw them Wednesday and it was probably the best show I've ever seen. To think that these guys are minus Freddie and getting on a bit by now, yet can put on such a phenomenal show for 2 and a half hours truly astounds me. :D

I was surprised how fantastic Paul sounded and I can now see why so many consider him one of the best vocalists in rock nowadays, because he's brilliant. I never thought I'd see the day where I'd see someone else singing The Show Must Go On and think the singer did it justice, but he was great.

I stood by the platform in the center of the arena, about 2 rows back and the view was amazing, they spent most of their time down on that platform and seeing them all come down to play an acoustic set right in front of me was pretty good I can tell you.

Highlights were Say It's Not True from the new album, '39 and Love of My Life which were played in the acoustic bit and Roger and Brian's solos, which were superb. Roger drumming all over his kit while it was being built was entertaining to watch and it was refreshing to see something different instead of 'just another drum solo'.

Rodgers is definitely one of the most charismatic frontmen around, and his voice is sounding perfect right now. If you're a Queen fan on the fence about seeing them or haven't even considered it because of the lack of Freddie, I urge you to buy a ticket, put that to the back of your mind and just enjoy the show, as you'll have the time of your life. :xmasssanta:








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