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Hinder... any fans?


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I know the recent comments about GNR are chicken shit, but Extreme Behavior is actually a very good album. The very first time I listened to it, I knew right away Appetite for Destruction was a huge influence. I went online and did some research, and it turns out AFD was their biggest influence.

I know their singles were a little on the soft side, but if you heard the other songs you know what I'm talking about..

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I listened to their first album (I think it was at least) a year ago or something and the whole thing was just incredible average... Seemed like they were only trying to copy their heroes without adding any sense or originality and then mix it with the whole post-grunge thing to get on the radio. Not a decent song on the whole album, although if I were at a party (and really drunk) I probably wouldn't mind them :P

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Awesome band, deserves all the fame they get and much more. There isn't a single bad track in either of their albums.

It's amazing that this band gets so much hate on a GNR forum, makes you wonder what some people see in GNR.

The fact you put Hinder and GNR on the same level makes me wonder what you see in GNR.

Yea they both sing about similar shit and are both gritty and loud, but there is a whole lot more art buried in GNR then there is in fuckin Hinder and its an insult to suggest otherwise.

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