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Sheet Music for "This I Love"?

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Does anyone know if sheet music is available for "This I Love"?

Stopped by Best Buy since our local one has a new little music store inside - of course nothing there.

I tried online and only found a transcription done in longhand by a fan that is hard to read. Since I need it for a Mother's Day tattoo, I need something clearer.

I figure this would be the best place to find it if it is out there somewhere. Anyone have any leads?

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A cover version is up on youtube by a pianist, there's a link there that leads you to some sheet music i think; hope that helps.


Thanks for sharing the lead. That was the version I had found that is handwritten. I guess that is all there is at this point. Oh well.

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The hand-written part is pretty horrible, but it gave me a starting point at least. I've figured out the basic idea of the main piano progression, I don't know about all the little embellishments (particularly in the upper-left hand). The hand-written part appears to be accurate about it being in Ab minor. Unfortunately, I remembered I don't have Finale on my Mac, so I too will have to hand write it out (Don't worry, my handwriting is considerably neater). I'll try to do it later tonight. If I can get the basic part figured out, maybe someone else can get all the ornaments that I haven't picked up on. Also, I haven't figured out full chords in the left hand, right now I'm the playing the root in doubled octaves.

If anyone wants to screw around with it trying to figure it out until I post my written part, the progression of the intro/verses is Ab - Fb - Db - Eb. Each chord gets one bar, play the progression twice for the intro.

Hope this eventually helps you guys out.

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Hey - wishing I was posting to say I had something (I don't). I picked up piano again about a year ago (after about a 15 year hiatus) inspired soley by This I Love. So....I've been aching to get my hands on transcription as well.

Powerage, I'd be keen to see your interpretation if/when you're ready to share - - and thanks for the clues you provided!! B)

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