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Nevermind vs. Bleach


Nevermind vs. Bleach  

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1. In Utero

2. Nevermind

3. Bleach

But they are all terrific albums in their own right. Each album is what Nirvana wanted at that point in their career. Bleach was the Sub Pop Seattle riff rock album, Nevermind was the melodic pop rock album, and In Utero was the low-fi noise record. Of course had Kurt not died he was talking of Nirvana going into an acoustic direction similar to R.E.M.'s "Automatic For The People." It's crazy to think that its been 15 years already and the music still stands the test of time.

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I didn't think Nirvana "wanted" to do a Nevermind type album, even when they did it, though I could be mistaken.

And, I'm not sure, I've just heard this somewhere, but wasn't Cobain thinking of firing Dave Grohl and the bassist after In Utero? I could be way off, but I've heard it somewhere.

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I saw this cool interview last week with Kirk Hammet talking about Kurt being into Metallica. Apparently around when Bleach came out, he went to a show in Seattle and was in the snake pit and asked Kirk to play Whiplash.

I know it's not entirely relevant, but I was just reminded of it by the talk about Bleach. I had no idea he would have been into metal at all.

The more you know...

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