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Guns N’ Roses: A History of Guitarists


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Why didn't they write about Richard Fortus? :P

Because he's not a lead guitarist.

and he sucks.

Grow up. Fortus is the best guitarist this band has ever seen.



Ron is the most technically best guitarist of all GnR time, and Buckethead is the most versatile. Fortus is the best showman.

And Slash is the one who'll never, ever be replaced not even if Axl hires 20 new guitarists.

lol pentatonic scales

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A good read, and this does really say it all...slash is loooooooooooooooooooooooong gone

and no one has ever heard of Richard Fortus.

I found that a bit unsettling as well. He is capable of lead and does play lead from time to time.

maybe they didn't find Rihanna's guitarist all that interesting...

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