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A review from Mike Burr


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Look what this Jackass wrote

sorry if posted already

Axl Drops Tweet Bomb, Fails To Thank Bach Or Explain Mustache

February 17, 2010 9:07 p.m. by Mike Burr

Axl Rose has a few things on his mind; so many, in fact, that he had to go to TwitLonger and drop a 766 words addressing everything from his new management to allegations that he's not allowing any apparel featuring Slash at concerts. After parting ways with Irving Azoff in the Chinese Democracy firestorm, Rose announced that his replacement would be industry veteran Doc McGhee, who has worked previously with Bon Jovi and Motley Crue. As for the supposed banning of clothing featuring Slash, Axl observed that "some just like 2 bitch 2 bitch." One thing noticeably absent from the post, however, was a thank-you to Sebastian Bach, who apparently saved his life over the weekend. And while omissions are being noted, Axl should give some insight on the mustache. Did he just discover MythBusters?. [Rolling Stone]

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Mike Burr... this review would have been better if Mike Yanagita from Fargo wrote it.

edit: written in the hopes that Axl sees this and gets a good "lol wtf? where did that come from" chuckle out of it, because I bet he's seen the movie before :rofl-lol:

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Oh no! He didn't thank Baz on his twitter! :o That absolutely means that he didn't thank him in person as well. FACT! What a jerk! <_<

These people need to find better things to write about.

But I must say, I wouldn't mind if the goatee came back. :)

Just saying :P

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Maybe this clown should stop and think for one second....how bout Axl didnt mention the knife incident because he doesnt want to give the idiots out there any ideas. By mentioning something like that he brings attention to it.

Spot on.

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Yet another moron we should just ignore...

Yes,another Moron who has taken us into the new, unexplored land of "Tweet Reviews" :lol: what's next?

Uh, not much left for ppl grasping at straws... Perhaps next we'll have some self-proclaimed "psychic" out there reviewing thoughts in Axl's mind!


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Mustache nonsense: Really? That's what you write about?


Another moron indeed. Here's another article about Axl's tweets. Sorry if it has been posted before:

Welcome to the mumbo-jumbo

Axl Rose; 'I work hard, it's good for ya n' I smell better than u!'

Vanessa Farquharson, National Post

Published: Thursday, February 18, 2010

Guns N' Roses front man Axl Rose has Twittered up a storm once again, breaking the suggested 140-character limit yesterday with an epic 778-word tweet in which he hires a new manager, denies banning any Slash hats or T-shirts at a Regina concert and suggests hard-core fans disappointed by a lack of surprise gigs should chill out and have a beer.

Rose has been an active online scribe for some time now, posting his first lengthy and defensive rant back in December 2008, on the Guns N' Roses message board; much like his current posts, it featured many emoticons, abbreviations and use of all-caps.

Then, last month -- as the newest incarnation of Guns N' Roses prepared to embark on its first Canadian tour in nearly two decades, there was a misinterpretation of Twitter posts between Rose and Slash, the band's original lead guitarist, who now churns out solo albums.

When Slash wrote that he was looking into organizing a fundraiser concert for Haiti, Rose assumed he wanted a band reunion and wrote back, "Pretty low n' selfish usin' the devastation in Haiti 2 start (false) reunion rumors."

His most recent Twitter appearance tackles critics who reported that Rose was late coming onstage for a recent show in New York City.

"Nope, Nopity, Nope!!" says Rose. "1: 30am on time! U got played!! ... We didn't perform for the press or their deadlines other than that they were there."

He later addresses requests on behalf of devoted fans for surprise concerts, telling them, "if ur complainin' n' u drink beer, today I recommend a Lucky or perhaps a Red Stripe."

Finally, Rose decides to reply to some Internet rumours that he tends to sweat excessively during his live performances.

"I sweat nonsense: On ur mama!" he says. "Really? That's what u write about? ... I work hard, it's good for ya n' I smell better than u!!"

Over the past two decades, Rose has remained firmly in place as Guns N' Roses' lead singer while burning through 18 other band members (including a guitarist with the moniker Buckethead). The group recently wrapped the Canadian leg of their tour.

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