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Streaming Now! Ashba meet and greet.


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Marcelo Almeida, on 13 March 2010 - 06:22 AM, said:

Hi ya all !

GN'R live stream March 13 starting 09:00PM local time (00:00AM UTC).


Now Streaming DJ Ashba meet & greet live!...

Edit: Well, He was!, Video here

and for those who weren't reading the SP thread, I thought I'd point it out...

Oh, and feel free to delete this now!

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Hey guys,

Takin' pics with Ashba was simply great !

I've broke the line and nobody complained on me ! Lucky !

We spoke and he is very polide. Great artist !

About the Qik experiences, I've made lots of tests to find the best transmission config possible using 3G. Now it is OK.

People told me they watched the vids perfectly, live streams or recently recorded.

Sound is great in any way.

Please, go to Youtube account (marcelrj). The vids seem to be better played there.

Now I can see people wants to check Baz gig. I will try !

Best regards from Brazil.

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