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OFFICIAL PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil - March 16, Brazil


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Yup that sounds like Sound Academy in Toronto lol. I DJ'd there when it was Docks Entertainment Complex. Off topic sorry. Baz says no opener before his tonight. I don't think GNR are in Porto Alegre yet. Correction... I don't think Axl is LOL. The show will likely start late I'm sure. It will rock but rest assured the show will go on. rock3

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GN'R Is playing in a freaking parking lot!!! WTF

I saw Ozzfest in a freaking parking lot in Toronto! :tongue2:

Middle of summer all day long on hot asphalt...it was brutal.

Most blood I ever saw at a concert I think...lots of skinned elbows and knees...and faces.


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the bands is not in Porto Alegre yet

My link

This thing is probably going to start at 4am

From Facebook:

Dj ASHBA™ Just got to my room in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Can't wait for the concert tonight!!!! I think we all have some built up frustration to get out of our systems from Rio. Although devastated, I thank God that no one was seriously injured from the stage collapsing. To all of the Amazing fans of Porto Alegre and Rio De Janeir...o, tonight is for you! Much Love to you all!!! See ya @ the show!

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