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Guest Len B'stard

Elvis was beautiful. I mean that in so many different ways, he was just beautiful. As a straight up specimen of a male member of the human race, physically, he was just beautiful. Musically he was fucking incredible. Between him, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Little Richard, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis...somewhere in between the the harmonys and melodies of their music lies the meaning of life, i'm convinced of this. Its why people are drawn to still to this day.

I like him best in the Scotty Moore, Bill Black & Dj Fontana context, i think they were a brilliant band and totally under-credited. Those Sun Records recordings are just brilliant. Listen to his Blue Suede Shoes and Carl Perkinses and you'll see what i mean, Elvis just had that firecracker up under him. Even after he went to the army and went Hollywood and did his comeback, whatever else happened he always had that set of pipes, never lost his voice and thats what made even his Vegas outing so fucking compelling.

I think he had potential as an actor too...when you watch him in the less...cheesy flicks, like Flaming Star, Love Me Tender, Charro, Loving You, King Creole he really looks ands acts the fucking business. And they all had one of two good songs in em too, each and every time.

But above and beyond he basically invented Youth Culture as we know it and our debt to him because of that is immeasurable.

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Elvis singing My Way 1977. Just a phenomenal performance.

That remindes me how Frank Sinatra (another unforgetable artist by the way) hated rock and roll and didnt consider it art at all (at least according with some remarks he did on a interview in 1957).

Can only imagine how stressing it was for both of them when Elvis went to Frank Sinatra tv show


My favourite clip of his come back show on 1968 ....such a good vibe there , we can see how they are loving to be there ...just them , and the music :wub: .

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He's got some duds, mostly the songs he did when he was cranking out movie after movie, but he was good at nailing a song in one take. To me the best stuff was the Sun Records up to 1958, the Comeback era (68-72), and the religious music, not because I'm religious, but because he did them well.and sounded sincere when he sang it. He could sound soulful, rival any crooner, and had unbelievable range even towards the end when he was huffing and puffing his way through songs. To me, Roy Orbison was a better singer, and Elvis had said the same thing.

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