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Following a split over the weekend with Glencoe Capt Resort, the Rock ‘N Rev Festival has found a new home at Monkey Rock USA and will bring Guns ‘N Roses and Daughtry with it, said Monkey Rock chief operating officer Chris Edwards.

“There are not a lot of places capable of hosting an event and lineup like this,” Edwards said. “We offered the option to solve a problem and they sent their operations people to survey the area -- all of it happened within 48 hours.”

The new location for the weeklong festival was determined after negotiations fell through between concert promoters DC3 Global and Glencoe Camp Resort late last week, said Randy Alexander, public relations director for the festival promoter DC3 Global. He said new festival owners HDlogix and DC3 Global will build The Rock ‘N Rev Amphitheater at Monkey Rock on a 25-acre site. Negotiations for the 5-day concert series were finalized Monday afternoon.

“We were motivated to try to help and they were quite interested to find another place,” Edwards said. “With commitments to rally goers, they wanted to fulfill their end of the bargain.”

Alexander said Monkey Rock USA was chosen for its proximity to the Glencoe campground. DC3 said it is working with Glencoe to offer special accommodations at the festival for anybody who is camping. The new venue was also selected with future ventures in mind, Alexander said.

“The relationship has been entered with long-term vision in mind,” he said.

Bands scheduled to play at Glencoe will play at Monkey Rock USA with Guns ‘N Roses set to headline the Friday night stage for its first United States show in nine years and only U.S. show in 2010, Edwards said. Guns ‘N Roses will share the Friday night stage with Alice in Chains

The Daughtry show time has not yet been determined, Edwards said.

Sturgis Mayor Maury LaRue was shocked to hear the new location of the festival.

“It’s up to them; if they make money it’s a good move,” LaRue said. “If they don’t, they will have to rethink it.”

After negotiations between DC3 and Glencoe broke down late last week due to unpaid rent, people who have reserved camping spaces at Glencoe had mixed feelings.

“I plan on having a good time, and so much easier to just walk back to your tent after the concerts,” Neil Smith said in an e-mail. “Now I will have to figure out ways to get back. This is not good business, they should work it out or they should have never announced the concert in the first place.”

Eagle River, Wis., resident John Jacobson said he has been attending the Sturgis bike rally for 13 years and stayed at Glencoe for five years and is glad the concert was moved.

“I am happy to see the concerts gone from Glencoe, there are far too many concert venues in Sturgis the way it is,” Jacobson said in an e-mail. “Concerts only appeal to a select few. It is not, and never will be, a reason to come to the Sturgis rally.”

Alexander said all tickets will be honored at the new location and prices will stay the same.

Contact Tyler Jerke at 394-8415 or tyler.jerke@rapidcityjournal.com



GN'R at Sturgis baby!

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Hey dudes just found thisoh my one of the acts performing at the event,check out the pic slideshow and pay close attention to pics #16 19 25 30 31 37 41 43 and 51 :rofl-lol:

haha, old Matt has a nice life with this girls :rofl-lol:

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