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Since Fortus worked with *NSYNC* could he convince Timberlake to work with GNR?


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Never a fan of N'Sync, but Timberlake is really talented. I don't see why either artist would work with the other, though.

Axl for years was into NWA. GNR and NWA are pretty far apart on the musical spectrum. Maybe Axl likes Timberlake's music and vice versa. Why did Chris Cornell work with Timberland? Could it be that they are in two seperate genres but *GASP* SHOCK* have respect for each other's music? Anyway this thread beats the shit out of discussing Axl's mustache and why Dj looks so young. Nobody that was around for the AFD/UYI tours and was a major GNR fan would give a shit about discussing that except maybe CDlove.

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Guest Sleeping Like An Angel

More like beg Axl to work with Justin. Not the other way round. Our boy has standardz bro

GNR have sold what 100 million albums? Axl better keep up his underground, non-mainstream reputation.

Axl doesn't whore around for money. He does things because he wants to and has a passion for it. I would hope that he would never work with some pop star just to get into 'mainstream'. Its fake, tacky and the most insincere industry. Plus its getting worse.

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Do you think Richard Fortus has the pull (due to his *NSYNC* ties) to get Justin Timberlake to work with GN'R. Say what you will but people with an open mind towards music know and respect Timberlake's talent.

Ok where do you live? cuz every member of this board needs to come over and slap you upside the head for EVEN thinking that!!

Timberlakes "talent" is studio effects and pitchshifters..and those in the "know" Know that without his "talent" he would be asking if you want fries with your drink.

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are you on crack? timberpuss and gnr?

ok, world's biggest flop.

you can leave now

Way to have an open mind towards other kinds of music,Bro. You can hate Timberlake all you want but you can't deny his talent.

are you seriously talking to me about having an open mind about other types of music?

get out.

and timberpuss hasn't put out anything good since he was in nsync , and he's not all that talented, he is so overrated, and he doesn't make any music anymore.

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He worked with Nstink? HAHAHAHA.....

Not that I have a pony in this race but all of the anti Slash people can now officially shut up.


i dont think slash should be running around stages with the pussycat dolls / black eyed peas, but i wouldn't bat an eye if fortus did it.

because no one cares
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