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GN'R Show Listed as Highlight for Calgary in 2010


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Guns n' Roses, Jan. 16, Saddledome

Finally hitting the road in support of Chinese Democracy -- more than a year after the long-anticipated but commercially disappointing album was released -- Axl Rose hit the 'Dome on a freezing night in January. It's hard to call the band Guns n' Roses, with Rose the only original member, but either way, this Axl concert proved that blockbuster or not, Democracy was one hell of an album. On the record's epic ballads especially, Rose sang like a man possessed.


The rest of the article is about the horrid state of the concert industry but at the end it lists memorable shows, and GN'R is right there on the list.

Personally I saw a ton of acts this year and regardless of being a fan, GN'R were at the top of my list as well (oddly, so was Ozzy, much better live than I expected. At the other end - Rob Zombie was kind of meh live)

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Fuck yea, I was there... and the ballads were definately a highlights

I still think this is one of the best versions of this song, he puts so much emotion into it.... you can really hear it in his voice, he's really feeling this song...

and during Street of Dreams, he turned n' stared right-fucking-at me as i was singing along, the final line of the song ('is only memories') and got a huuuuge fucking grin on his face....

Best concert I've ever seen, and for what it was it'll always be the most special concert I'll see....

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edmonton show was better


the sound is way better in rexall place than in the saddledome, saddledome doesnt have the best sound in there because of the shape of the building. Rexall Place is one of the best venues for sound quality at concerts. that is pretty much the only reason the edmonton show was better. That and axl fucked up the lyrics to scom in Calgary, but thats not such a big deal.

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