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Public Image Limited New Album Due Spring 2012

Guest Len B'stard

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Guest Len B'stard

John Lydon names new PiL album

Public Image Limited are about to release their first material in over 20 years

Following their reunion in 2009 Public image Ltd are now ready to release their first new album since 1992.

Talking to BBC 6 Music, Lydon said he has been waiting for quite a while to release new material.

“I was always full of ideas, but I had to wait until I had enough money to release an album.

"Everybody thinks I made such a fortune with the Sex Pistols," he explained.

"Well, unfortunately that is not true, to make this record we had to tour extensively for two years."

Lydon went on to say when they got back together in 2009 the band instantly knew sooner or later they had to put out new material.

He described the album as quite emotional, with the twelve songs about the ups and downs of the lives of four human beings.

It is due out early spring and the record will be followed by a UK and European tour, John Lydon even revealed the title of the new album.

"It is probably going to be called 'This is PiL' basically because it is, it is all the work, effort and energy we put into this record.".


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Guest Len B'stard

John Lydon: 'If you want to know why PiL don't have a record label, look at 'X Factor''

Singer says there's no way innovative musicians 'would ever pass the first round' of TV talent show

John Lydon has said that the reason Public Image Ltd. struggled to find a record label is because of The X Factor.

The frontman told NME that he and his band had found it hard to find a label they wanted to work with because the music industry is unwilling to take a risk on artists who "strive to break barriers".

With Public Image Ltd. set to release their new studio album 'This Is PiL' this year, Lydon revealed that the band were now "very close" close to signing with a label but said that it had been hard to find one free from "shenanigans or dictatorships".

Speaking about the impact the likes of TV talent shows like The X Factor and American Idol had had on the music business, he said: "[They're] unimportant. And it's a shame that the music industry has been taken over and dominated by them. Particularly American Idol… you know, the way they love to awards themselves every year, those institutions.

"It's all artists from that ilk, isn't it? If you want to call them artists. Unfortunately there's some fantastic singers that come out of that, but they're karaoke."

He went on to add:

It becomes like the way record companies used to operate. In fact, if you ever want to know why I'm not on a record label, look at The X Factor! Honestly, of all the people that strive to break barriers in music and do good things and write great lyrics, not one of them would ever pass the first round on any of these competitions.

'This Is PiL', which is expected to be released in the first half of 2012, will be the band's ninth studio album, and their first since 1992's 'That What Is Not'. Lydon previously claimed that the band were forced to tour extensively to raise enough money to record the LP, stating: "Everybody thinks I made such a fortune with the Sex Pistols. Well, unfortunately that is not true, to make this record we had to tour extensively for two years."

In December, it was announced that Public Image Ltd. would be reissuing their entire back catalogue in 2012.


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Guest Len B'stard

He used to be a school teacher as a young lad. Apparently he got fired cuz he looked freaky :lol: Also, he was rat-basher on building sites. Apparently his old man was a crane operator on various sites and it was Johns job to stand at the bottom and smack rats to death with a big stick to prevent them scurrying up the crane where the operator was or some such shennanigans. but yeah, hard working man was our John, bless him :)

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