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TSI: Inside in the "the worst albums of great bands"


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AC/DC's Fly On The Wall? I loved that album... :question:

Me too. The production was awful but the songs were great. Shake Your Foundations, Sink The Pink, and the title track are all great tunes. Not counting Who Made Who, I'd easily rank it above Blow Up Your Video and Flick of the Switch in terms of consistency of their eighties albums.

no flick on the switch and blow up are better than FOTW, although in terms of songs, fly on the wall contains some cool song like Playing with girls! but others as horrible like Danger.this album will always be the worst of the discography of acdc.

and yet this site could have put Chinese Democracy as some sites ...

Your opinion. ;)

Blow Up Your Video is the worst I'd say. Too much filler, though Heatseeker and That's The Way I Wanna Rock N' Roll are good songs. Some of the B-sides from this era like Down on the Borderline and Borrowed Time should have made the cut on that album.

Flick is a great album and Rising Power might be one of my favorite AC/DC songs, but I just find Fly to be more enjoyable.

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The list is ridiculous. Some of them are good albums marketed badly, some of them are posthumous, bottom of the barrel tapes, but where's John and Yoko's records?

Here's one to compare TSI? up against - Rage Against the Machine's "Renegades"... one better than the other?

Keith Moon? Why is he even on the list?

Dirty Work isn't the Stones worst album, there's some songs that would've worked on Steel Wheels. Undercover to me is.

Chris Cornell - Scream? That wasn't included?

KISS - The Elder isn't the worst - the 4 solo albums win that one.

Weiland's album was a novelty... they need to go through more Xmas albums instead of mentioning that one.

Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman did some solo things, but if you want to get into Yes - you'd have to bring up Big Generator and Tormato.

Black Sabbath's Born Again? Has some good songs on there, but tell me why I should have liked Forbidden. Technical Ecstasy.. worst of the original lineup.

Hot Space has Under Pressure. It's not a bad album, but other than Hammer To Fall, The Works is prob. not their best moment.... or the Flash Gordon soundtrack.

Beach Boys did back to back suck - MIU and LA Album. And they reissued it as a 2-fer!

Metal Machine Music - there's NO point of it being on there. As far as Neil Young goes, they didn't include Arc on there?

Having Fun With Elvis On Stage - it's nothing but stage patter. Imagine GNR put an album out just of Axl's rants over the years? Yeah, we'd prob. buy it.

Dylan and the Dead was a huge mistake on the person who picked the tracks, and there's bootlegs that are better to listen to. I think Dylan with Petty was better, but the Dead tour wasn't as bad as that makes it seem. Budokan and Real Live not so great.

The Doors 2 post Morrison albums and VU Sqeeze are okay but not great, but not bad, either.

TSI? could be seen as the cover songs that didn't fit on UYI. It was their Bowie's "Pin Ups".

Pink Floyd's Atom Heart Mother isn't their worst?

Eagles - Long Road Out of Eden.... they made people wait almost as long as Axl made people wait for ChiDem to come out.

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Guest Len B'stard

TSI ain't all that...the tragedy of Guns n Roses has ALWAYS been not knowing their strengths, this is why they could've never been The Stones that they should have.

Since I Don't Have You - Beautiful, brilliant and y'know why? Cuz they GnR-ize it, they don't just straight cover the original, the guitar sings on this fuckin song and Axl is on point

New Rose - punching above your weight trying to cover a song like that, it sounds too grand, too big, too produced, its not compact and it doesn't drive forward like The Damneds one.

Down on The Farm - suprising good and again, cuz it's a departure from the original, they cover it but they take it somewhere, give it tons of muscle and just make it fucking roar, the original sounds like something off of The Idiot or Lust for Life with The UK Subs working it out.

Human Being - Good song to pick cuz it has like, a Bad Obssesion type vibe to it, brilliant vocal turn by Axl, a stand out track but again, it doesn't have the shambolicness to it that The Dolls version did, that teetering quality that they gave songs that make em feel loose and ramshackle. An early Guns would've covered the fuck out of this song

Raw Power - fuckin hands off boys, for fuckssake. Have you heard that fuckin album?!?! You don't touch Raw Power, its not worth it, there's nothing you can do to it/for it or for yourselves with it. Doesn't sound nearly as hungry enough, it doesn't have an inch of the attack that The Stooges did. You don't cover that fuckin album period, it just can't be done.

Ain't It Fun - Sounds laboured

Buick Mackane - Again, just not very good

Hair of the Dog - Again, shit

Attitude - see now this one, suprisingly, they do pretty fuckin good. Ain't a patch on The Misfits one but it's a good solid driving interpretation of it.

Black Leather - crap

You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory - Awful! Just dreadful...i can't believe what they did to that song, they turned it into something that'd be better suited to Sheryl Crow singing the fucking thing, just SOOOO poor...and cheesy..."i wanna put my arms around your memory Johnnnnyyyyy!...this ones for you Johnnyyyyy!" uh, sick-bucket...

I Don't Care About You - brilliant...rauccous, cacophonous and it jus makes you wanna shake, very well fucking done :) Them doing Jumping Jack Flash should be on it, God they did that fucking song good, the only way in which that sound could possibly be covered and done well is the way Guns did it. If Guns are gonna cover Johnny Thunders they'd be a million times more suited to the rockin' tracks than they would to Johnnys ballads, only Johnny can do Johnnys ballads. I'd love to hear Axl singing like...Diary of a Lover or Hurt Me or I Only Wrote This Song For You but not with no band, with like, just one guy and an accoustic guitar, i think he could do Diary of a Lover really well


But yeah, TSI, bit of a cock up really..

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Honestly I would take St. Anger over Kill 'em All anytime, but that's just my opinion of course.

I can't even begin to understand why anyone would prefer St. Anger over Kill Em All. Kill is one of the best thrashrecords ever recorded. St.Anger is one f the most shitty metalalbums ever recorded. And thats a fact!

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