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Sebastian Bach's Story about David Lee Roth & Axl Rose


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I saw that on blabbermouth.net yesterday.

Boy I wish I could have seen Axl telling Diamond Dave a thing or two! lol

Dave apologizing the next day was cool though.

Love both Axl and Dave and both are amazing in their own right.

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Its the same one he told on the Eddie Trunk show but with some more details.

[My link

LOL. Cool story. Have to hand it to Bach - he can be goofy at times, but he does excellent impressions and his vocal range is insane. Roth does sound funny despite his apparently inflated ego. I remember reading somewhere that when VH were at a festival with AC/DC in the early 80's he came out on to the stage just before Acca Dacca were due to go on - he then went through his exercise routine in front of the crowd, to try and steal some of AC/DC's thunder...lol :D

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