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Had nuGuns been inducted


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he might have gone cos it seems like it was more the hof reunion dreams that really stopped him from going. if everyone was being reasonable...he seemed up to go before he found out the details. maybe he was hoping his current guys could play.

Damn,and I was thinking it was because Tracey and Roberta weren't inducted.

Big bag is not a happy bunny.

Ha! Just woke up,He no happy but dude had the T-rex arm scene going on :lol:

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why the hell would anyone want to induct nu Guns? For what?

As the villainous, unorthodox, alternative continuation of a classic, heroic, & anthemic band.

Why was that new Chilli Peppers guy inducted?

If putting 21st cen Guns into the Hall was the compromise for Axl's involvement; I think the organisers in hindsight would feel it a worthwhile deal. Given the anti-climatic, underwhelming nature of the would be spectacular 'GN'R' induction.

Excellent point,I agree 100% I guess we can label this the "Trujillo clause" He had only appeared on One Metallica Album when they were inducted/indicted.

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