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90's house/rave/hardcore


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I'll be the first to admit that this kind of music sucks steaming monkey balls. Honestly it's terrible on every imaginable front.

HOWEVER, from some twisted form of youth sentiment (this shit was big in Holland when I frew up) I have a huge soft spot for it.

Especially on a hot day like this when I'm having a beer and feel like partying.

I'm talking stuff like Scooter, Dune, Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo, DJ Paul Elstak, Party Animals, Double Vision, Flamman & Abraxas, Neophyte, Rotterdam Termination Source, Rotterdam Terror Corps, Neophyte, Alphaville, Captain Hollywood Project, Capella, Mex, 2 Brothers On The Fourth Floor, Nakatomi and even Captian fucking Jack.

I'm feeling nostalgic. Anybody here who even remotely relates to this?

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I was 16 when I went to my first rave, it was ' 89! The party's were still illigal, it was awesome!

I lived in Amsterdam and every weekend we went to the CS and had to follow a car to some construction shed in the middle of nowhere! The party's were so excitingl and everything was so new. Before you only had bars or disco's, were stuff like 'Milli Vanellil' was played. This was louder and the party's bigger. It almost was the best time of my life!

I don't really liked the music, but did like the party's. After a while the raves were better organized and not illigal anymore, it did kind of spoiled the fun.

In those days, the most famous DJ's were: Dano, the Prophet :thumbsup: , Gizmo

Than the music, gets louder and louder, which I didn't really like. Allthough I have been to some Thunderdome party's ( also the first one!). Than I stopped going for a while, cause I didn't do drugs and started to wonder, why I went, cause it seemed it was all about that in the mid' 90. But later the party's, like Sensation, Mysteryland and Dance Valley came, so I went again. Good times!

Haven't been to one in more than 5 years, getting to old for that.

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Guest Len B'stard

Rave was fuckin it in it's day. SERIOUSLY under appreciated form of music, the effects of which are still being felt in popular music. I mean you only need to look at how dance hip hop has gone and how that relates directly back to House and Techno and Hardcore and all that, it's basically America catching onto the dance music thing 20 years after the fact.

Also, dance music/rave was the last form of music to really show the establishment up for what fascists they truly are. I mean, the law basically states that any gathering of 5 people listening to a repetitive beat out in the open constitutes breaking the law.

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