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Would there have been any support for Guns N' Roses without Axl?

The Archer

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The other thread about the current lineup releasing material w/o Axl set me thinking.

If for some reason, tragedy had struck (I thank God that it didn't!) and Axl had no more been with us from around the 1994-6 time-frame or even earlier before he acquired the rights to the name, I find it difficult to believe that many would have supported any continuing form of Guns N' Roses.

Even if the full UYI lineup had stayed together, Guns would have just ceased to be. Maybe, they would have continued for a while, but I think that they would have just imploded.

Just maybe, they could have found a great singer and continued the way Brian Johnson stepped into Bon Scott's shoes with AC/DC or like Floyd did, post the Barrett and Waters eras.

Maybe, they would have continued with a below par lead singer (such as a Myles Kennedy or a Scott Weiland struggling to pull off the entire Axl range). That would have damaged both Guns live and studio reputations and tarnished the band's legacy.

Maybe, the band members would have left one by one and been replaced by others, with GN'R ending up with something similar to the current line up, but with a different singer. That would have been a slow and painful death to a great name.

There just would have been zero acceptability of Guns without Axl.

Sure, the current lineup has its detractors and some people are missing but without Axl there would never be ANY form of Guns N' Roses acceptable to anyone. Today, GN'R still headlines festivals. Guns still draws massive crowds all over the world. They have die-hard fans in far away places who have never ever seen any incarnation of the band live. Even in the North America, where their fanbase has dwindled, there are passionate fans who are being treated to kick-ass shows by a great band, led by the legendary red haired tornado named Axl Rose.

Axl is the only person absolutely essential to Guns N' Roses.

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no,man."sorry".just don't agree.

"Axl is the only member essential to the band"."zero acceptability of a Guns without Axl"

absurd.It took five to create GNR.they would have made it work.

what about Izzy on vocals,Duff in a bigger role?

think about AC DC without Bon Scott,Thin Lizzy without Phil Lynnot and

fucking Turboneger without Hank.

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It took five to create GNR.they would have made it work.

Sure, but I don't think they could've continued without* Axl

what about Izzy on vocals,Duff in a bigger role?

Hmm, and sing YCBM and WTTJ?

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Guest Satanisk_Slakt

Of course they could have continued, but it would have sucked. I think the others would realise that they couldn't have GNR without Axl though and would just have ended the band if he died.

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They may have put together a band like The Doors eventually did.

I don't think so. Izzy never really wanted to work with Slash at first.

I didn't want to go there. Izzy may not have wanted to if Axl died. Maybe none of them would.

They just aren't as professional as ACDC or Metallica.

Without Axl it's hard to pull off a real GNR show.

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The topic starter totally missed the point. I think that the last 12 years or so are clear proof that a band with just Axl as the original member obviously cannot be recognised as Guns N' Roses, except by a number of deluded Axl fans.

I'm deluded. Happy to admit that! :thumbsup:

I wonder how Jimmy Barnes would go singing GNR songs. Same sort of scream/wail like Axl.

For you non Aussies

2.55 on

I like that dude....never heard of him before, thanks for showing him off! It would be interesting to see him covering some songs. He appears to sweat as much as Axl does as well.

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