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  1. There’s no soundboard recording circulating from Download 2006 but there’s IEM mix
  2. What the hell has that do with MTV Unplugged? Yes they have played songs acoustic over the years, that was not the point.
  3. MTV Uplugged aired regularly from 1989 to 1999 including artists like Kiss, Alice In Chains, Neil Young, even Poison… I don’t get it why didn’t Guns N’ Roses take part of this as they were on MTV all the time. Has Axl or Slash ever talk about it publicly?
  4. Team Brazil removed that YouTube clip (in the first post)....That didn’t take long.
  5. Is this the only footage that has come out? https://youtu.be/QhdATCUnZqc If I remember right some hoarders claimed to have full rehearsals with Madagascar and other played fully..but maybe they were full of shit
  6. Great record, perfect for the summertime beer drinking / barbecue
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