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Rolling Stones and Muddy Waters - Live at the Checkerboard Lounge ,Chicago,1981


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Comes in a dvd only format or dvd/cd combo!

Maybe I can finally retire the bootlegs! B)

A comment on Amazon:

Obviously this has not yet been released,but for years I have owned Several Bootleg Copies of this show on Many Formats;VHS,DVD and audio cd.

This show is Fantastic!!! The Fact that they are now making an Oficial Release with remasterted sound can only make this that much better!!!!

If You Love the Stones,Muddy Waters or the Blues in General....This is a Must Have...

Watch Keith walk the length of the table to get onstage when he is called up....and let's not forget the Late Great Ian Stewart right at home on the piano...

It's great that they are offering both the cd's and DVD together at a reasonable Price.

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Hasn't this been on youtube for like, ages?

Yeah but they remastered it. Band's cashing in on the archives, but it's because A: Allen Klein died, and Universal has the rights to all the ABKCO stuff as well as from "Sticky Fingers" to now, which makes it easy for the Stones to put more material out, B: digital downloads makes it easy to sell the soundboards of popular bootlegs. This isn't a true "Stones" DVD, as Charlie's not playing drums on it, but the fact that they're a backing blues band for the night makes it worth getting.

The interesting thing is that it was a small video crew and not the film crew shooting "Let's Spend The Night Together". There's more from the "Tattoo You" tour shot on video, but the one thing I've been trying to find out is how much opening act footage they have, like if they have the GNR shows from 89. Mick and Keith can't really release it, and it's uncertain that Axl would want it sold in stores and on Amazon. I think all of us would want a copy of it though. But it would be cool to see video from all the opening acts over the years. The only one Mick sabotaged was the Flying Burrito Brothers, because it was shot from the back of the stage. That in itself would be a goldmine because Gram Parsons footage is super scarce. Prince getting booed at one of his first big concerts, would be another one. There's all sorts of stuff sitting in vaults by bands and record companies, they prob. don't even know what they have.

The documentary that's supposed to be coming out indicates there's way more footage than the Stones even knew about. I'm hoping they put together a comprehensive promo video collection, because they were making videos LONG before MTV. I do hope the Marquee gets released on DVD, it prob. should've been packaged with this one.

Eagle Vision and the Stones did put clips from the DVD up on You Tube.

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Guest Len B'stard

i've been weeping for a beatles anthologyesque stones documentary for the longest, gonna be fuckin' chuffed when it comes out :):) And lets spent the night together, thats the big open air one where he ends up in the skin tight long white cycling short looking things, isn't it? Yeah, that was fuckin' amazing, the show itself, the DVD, the program is called Lets Spend the Night Together, isn't it? Yeah, i've seen that :)

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