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Speaking of unusual requests


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"Guns N’ Roses were the bad boys of rock. And what do all bad boys need? Porn, of course! In one of the band’s old tour riders, they requested “an assortment of adult magazines,” citing ‘Penthouse’ and ‘Playboy’ as examples. The request was a humorous nod from former member Bryan Mantia."

Not sure if already reported, but as a regular visitor and contributor to this incredible forum, I haven't seen this posted. If it already has been, well then, oopsy! I guess...

Anywho, GNR apparently wants porno mags on the road..Also, Axl likes to eat a lot of Pasta. I'm pretty sure that damn Pasta is what's convincing Axl that Slash is a cancer. Slash is not a cancer. He's a guitarist who loves his fans and plays his heart out for them, and them alone. He would gladly give up every cent he made over the years, hell he'd clearly tell rockband to market him as a solo artist and not as a member of a band he no longer belongs to. Slash is the man for that!

Clearly this band is just full of hired hands who just wanna read porn and digest carbs. And it's clearly all Axl's fault, I mean the fans want a reunion, and he doesn't cater to their orders. What an idiot. Shame on you Axl Rose - you show up late to shows, and you won't even reunite at the hall of fame. Do you know how many old people in here who are now on viagara who hate you for it now?!?!?!

That guy may have sooooo much money he can jerk off the rest of his life, read these forums and laugh at all the idiots defending Slash, but those idiots have a point. Not reuniting at the hall of fame, aka the music industry establishment that now focuses on marketing incredible artists such as justin bieber, nicki minaj and lady gaga to be future hall of famers 20 years down the road, just care too much.

So anyways...discuss fans. I mean, we all are frustrated at axl for two reasons that not one person in this forum can justify. Those reasons are that axl didn't reunite at the hall of fame, which finally convinces people he's serious about not reuniting with the original band at all (imagine, if ppl laid off of axl, and gave this new band a shot, he'd obv be willing to at least hear offers. oh well guys :) ) We are all also frustrrated becxause of the current GNR lineup is yet to release new music, and sounds like there has been so little progress in years.

IMO... I don't even know who to side with anymore. Can't side with Axl. Can't side with Slash. Pretty sure I'm siding with Brain...hey, buckethead, robin finck, dizzy reed, chris pitman, tommy stinson, frank ferrer, etc. And the other 85 people ESPECIALLY JARMO wanted Hustler and Playboy on call to their demands. We should forget any original member and be thanking these current guys for their hard work, and honesty in reading material. Hey they have wives, better jerking off than being assholes and cheating. I'm more impressed with that lineup than a lineup that wants models front row who don't even know one gnr song, just to look good and attract fans to a band that hasn't released music since...

You're welcome, newgnr!

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